Tuesday , May 30 2023

Which Boots Should I Choose – Answered!

Vapor vs Predator

Nike Vapor IX vs Adidas Predator LZ

Bryan: Nike Vapor IX – There is something about the Vapor IX that sets them apart. Maybe it is the dimpled upper, or the super explosive stud configuration, but in play they serve as a much better option for attacking styled players.

Kevin: Adidas Predator LZ – As a Centre Midfielder I will always sway towards Control over Speed boots.

Jim: Adidas Predator LZ – As I don’t like the stud configuration I would have to give up the IX for the LZ. The updated zones look as if they would mold with the upper much better than the past LZ so that would make for a much better boot. The LZ also suites my playing style better as I’m a utility player, I also would like the extra control.

Tyler: Adidas Predator LZ: While the Vapor is oriented around straight-up speed, the LZ fits the mold of a wide-variety of players from wingers to playmakers to centerbacks. I’m a utilitarian sort of player at heart and I often find myself alternating between the back-line to the wings and even up to the front, so having a boot that can perform under a plethora of circumstances is always preferable.

Colin: Adidas Predator LZ – Two of the most popular boots on the market, arguably the iconic boots of today, and I am going with the Predator LZ. The upper on the Predator is just better than that of the Vapor IX in my opinion.

Ethan: Nike Vapor IX –  The Vapor’s shape mirrors the shape of the foot and feels almost like you are playing barefoot.  Combine that with bladed studs meant for acceleration and you will be going by others in style.  I also liked the golf-ball like upper.  It gave that tacky feel which helped keep the ball close when dribbling at high speeds.

Richard: Adidas Predator LZ – The Lethal Zones just give you more tech and adaptability about them than the pure speed of the Vapor.

Final Tally: Vapor 2 – Predator LZ 5

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  1. Congrats! Great article!

  2. Having worn both the Tiempo and the adiPure 11 Pro, I have to say that the adiPure 11Pro is a great boot.. I would never compare it to the Tiempo though. I am happy the Tiempo is around because it retains the slightly more classic feel. I like both boots and can't pick one over the other. But I would say the for people wanting a more classic feel, go for the Tiempo. If you want a blend between modern and classic, then go with the adiPure 11Pro.

    • Also, In the Warrior vs. Nike matchup, I would take the Warrior. I have worn both and the Skreamer really surprised me. Plus the customer service at Warrior was second to none, making Nike's look almost un-professional.

  3. I had problems with the stud pressure in the Tiempo's as well, glad to hear I'm not alone on that.

    • Yeah at the front of my right foot was very uncomfortable. The left slightly uncomfortable as well. I was very disappointed with the Tiempo.

  4. How about comparing the Nike Tiempo IV to my son’s favorite boot, the Umbro Speciali 4 Pro HG?

  5. with veloce vs f 30, I would rather buy an old pair of top end shoes.

  6. what shoes should I wear if I am playing on a land with no grass on it????

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