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Which Boots Should I Choose – Answered!

Hypervenom vs Wave Ignitus

Nike Hypervenom Phantom vs Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3

Bryan: Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3 – This is a tough one, but Mizuno has really pieced together a masterclass of a boot that leaves no room for doubt. The Hypervenom offers quality, but there is still work to do before the boot wins me over.

Kevin: Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3 – This is an easy decision for me, the WI3 are an outstanding pair of boots and the shooting and control technology actually does work, plus Mizuno make higher quality boots.

Jim: Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3 – One of the last of its kind on the market so I would hands down choose it over the Phantom. I’ve also developed a disinterest in the massive amounts of flimsy uppers and “speed” boots and the Wave with its sturdy upper and large strike zone will be a nice change from what has become the norm. It also helps that it is close to what I consider the ideal weight for a boot.

Tyler: Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3 – The Hypervenom has taken the boot-world by storm. Many stores sold out of the new Nike boot in a matter of hours. It’s my opinion though, that the Hypervenom is an average boot with above average marketing support. The Ignitus line continues to rank very high in terms of comfort, durability, and practicality. On top of this, I have heard a few complaints about the Hypervenom’s soleplate and stud configuration but haven’t had the chance to test it personally.

Colin: Nike Hypervenom Phantom – Not to jump on the ever-expanding Hypervenom bandwagon, but my selection has to be the Nike Hypervenom in this matchup. The unique upper from Nike is something I can not pass up.

Ethan: Nike Hypervenom Phantom – A harder one to judge as I haven’t had any experience with Mizuno.  However, I really feel the Hypervenom has great traction and the Nike Skin upper has the best dimpling I have seen.  The upper is the selling point for me because I’m a sucker for dimpling and control elements.

Richard: Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3- You always want what you can’t have, in my case that’s the Mizuno’s. They do top class boots simple as really. Also the amount of tech they pop into the Ignitus series really is amazing.

Final Tally: Hypervenom 2 – Wave Ignitus 5

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  1. Congrats! Great article!

  2. Having worn both the Tiempo and the adiPure 11 Pro, I have to say that the adiPure 11Pro is a great boot.. I would never compare it to the Tiempo though. I am happy the Tiempo is around because it retains the slightly more classic feel. I like both boots and can't pick one over the other. But I would say the for people wanting a more classic feel, go for the Tiempo. If you want a blend between modern and classic, then go with the adiPure 11Pro.

    • Also, In the Warrior vs. Nike matchup, I would take the Warrior. I have worn both and the Skreamer really surprised me. Plus the customer service at Warrior was second to none, making Nike's look almost un-professional.

  3. I had problems with the stud pressure in the Tiempo's as well, glad to hear I'm not alone on that.

    • Yeah at the front of my right foot was very uncomfortable. The left slightly uncomfortable as well. I was very disappointed with the Tiempo.

  4. How about comparing the Nike Tiempo IV to my son’s favorite boot, the Umbro Speciali 4 Pro HG?

  5. with veloce vs f 30, I would rather buy an old pair of top end shoes.

  6. what shoes should I wear if I am playing on a land with no grass on it????

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