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Which Boots Should I Choose - Answered! - Page 9 of 13 - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Which Boots Should I Choose – Answered!

Veloce vs F50

Nike Mercurial Veloce vs Adidas F30

Bryan: Nike Mercurial Veloce – This one is pretty easy! Nike has done an excellent job with their mid tier range, and the natural feeling upper on the Veloce is far superior to the F30.

Kevin: Not worn or had experience with either of them so I couldn’t give an opinion.

Jim: Nike Mercurial Veloce – If we are talking about the leather F30 I would chose it over the Veloce unless the Veloce was AG. I take my mid-tier boots seriously and it comes down to the options available in the end. I don’t like the FG configuration of the Veloce and don’t like the synthetic version of the F30. But as the better rounded boot I would choose the Veloce.

Tyler: Nike Mercurial Veloce: While unfortunately I have not yet had the chance to try either boot, from my perspective on the Vapor vs. the F50, the result should remain the same. Don’t take my word on it!

Colin: Tie – Both are decent for their price.

Ethan: Nike Mercurial Veloce –  The Veloce is one of the best take down models on the market.  It truly gives the Mercurial fit and feel for virtually half the price.  The F30 is a completely different boot from the F50 and leaves something to be desired in all areas of performance.

Richard: Nike Mercurial Veloce – For my money I am honestly not sure. If there was a Nitrocharge 2.0 option life for me would be sublime. I know that among the speed boot take down releases that Nike has traditionally put out a more polished product than Adidas, so I’ll go with the Veloce.

Final Tally: Veloce 6 – F30 0

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  1. Congrats! Great article!

  2. Having worn both the Tiempo and the adiPure 11 Pro, I have to say that the adiPure 11Pro is a great boot.. I would never compare it to the Tiempo though. I am happy the Tiempo is around because it retains the slightly more classic feel. I like both boots and can't pick one over the other. But I would say the for people wanting a more classic feel, go for the Tiempo. If you want a blend between modern and classic, then go with the adiPure 11Pro.

    • Also, In the Warrior vs. Nike matchup, I would take the Warrior. I have worn both and the Skreamer really surprised me. Plus the customer service at Warrior was second to none, making Nike's look almost un-professional.

  3. I had problems with the stud pressure in the Tiempo's as well, glad to hear I'm not alone on that.

    • Yeah at the front of my right foot was very uncomfortable. The left slightly uncomfortable as well. I was very disappointed with the Tiempo.

  4. How about comparing the Nike Tiempo IV to my son’s favorite boot, the Umbro Speciali 4 Pro HG?

  5. with veloce vs f 30, I would rather buy an old pair of top end shoes.

  6. what shoes should I wear if I am playing on a land with no grass on it????

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