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Diadora DD-Evoluzione 2 K Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Diadora DD-Evoluzione 2 K Review

Diadora DD-Evoluzione 2

Earlier this year, we saw a large surge in the number of boots released by Diadora, the last of which we have to review being the DD-Evoluzione 2 K. These boots have been lingering in the SoccerCleats101 office for some time and we finally had the opportunity to break them out and test them over the past few weeks. There is a definite level of tradition and heritage with these boots, in part due to the K-leather upper and the cross-stitching across the forefoot. But there is also a modern touch thanks to some simply touch technology and a bladed stud configuration.

You can currently find the DD-Evoluzione 2 K at

Initial Reaction

There is definitely an upgraded visual appearance to this new version of the Evoluzione. I’m interested in the forefoot, where Diadora has added some definition to improve control. Other than that, it is a case of seeing how they compare to the original release.

Diadora DD-Evoluzione Boot Review

Breaking In and Comfort

There is nothing new to report about the break-in period or comfort of this boot compared to the original, so I’m going to steal the write-up from that review. It sums the boot up perfectly!

In typical Diadora fashion, comfort is a leading aspect of these boots. It is the one area that the Italian company continually gets right and straight out of the box the Evoluzione feel great. I could tell before my first running session that they could easily slip into a game with little to no problems. An extremely supple K-leather upper kicks it all off. It sort of melts in your fingers to the touch and when you put them on they mold with ease to your foot shape. The soleplate flexes with ease and is also comfortable from first wear. Overall, a very comfortable boot from first wear.

Underneath the tongue, Diadora use a suede lining that offers a dual benefit. First, it has some light padding behind it that gives you a little extra protection, while second it offers some extra grip and helps the boot sit in place on your foot. It is a very simple, yet effective, addition that makes them a highly appropriate boot to wear for those that value pure comfort.

In-Game Performance

Since it is the primary feature of this release, we should get right to the upper and the textured forefoot. Diadora stick with a K-leather upper that oozes quality right from the off, except it has different characteristics compared to your standard K-Leather boot. First, there is a lot of stitching, so you don’t quite get that natural soft, smooth full-piece leather feel. Then the addition of the punched texture placed along the forefoot creates a completely different final product to something like the Copa Mundial. It is the pattern used on the forefoot that I found very intriguing and enjoyed very much. It actually creates a little extra definition in a very simple way and gives you some added grip on the ball. It is an aspect of the boot I like, although I don’t expect other brands to take this approach. lets keep this one exclusively on the Evoluzione and enjoy it for what it is.

Something I learned through testing these boots is that the bladed design used is not as suited for AG surfaces as it is for FG. On a natural grass, they work out very well and offer great traction. But on an Artificial Grass or Turf, there is a tendency for the blades to stick more than needed. You notice a slight drag as you look to cut and turn. This is related to the amount of surface area taken by the blades and the fact they don’t release as quickly when you shift your body weight to the side.

I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to figure out where an extra 1-oz has been added to these boots compared to the original. It is an odd move to increase a boots weight over its predecessor, but that is the case with the Evoluzione. It seems that the much more defined and reinforced heel counter is where the additional weight is placed. I’m not quite sure why it was needed, but it seems like Diadora decided a shift in weight distribution was the way to go.

Evoluzione 2 Soleplate

Diadora Evoluzione 2 K-Leather Upper

Diadora Evoluzione 2 Detailing

Diadora Logo

Striking Shots

Just to be clear here, the modified forefoot does not impact shooting in any way. You are getting a forefoot that is very similar to the likes of the Tiempo Legend or adiPure range, with close control being more of the emphasis. They feel solid for striking shots, I’m just related the point that the textured feel doesn’t give you extra oomph behind your strike.

Upgrade From the Original Release?

I’d have to go with a yes on this statement, and it is primarily related to the simple definition added to the forefoot of the boot. Not only does it offer an improved level of touch on the ball, but the overall design in the region looks much more professional on the latest edition.

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Diadora Evoluzione Heel Cup

Evoluzione 2 Heel Detailing

How do they Fit?

Very snug! They are a true to size option with a narrow fit through the forefoot. There is definitely a different shape to this boot compared to other Diadora releases. They actually sit tighter across the forefoot when you compare them to the original and have a pointier toe. Some players who like a longer fit with a little extra space might actually want to consider a half size up, but for most players true to size will fit nicely.

Critics Notes

When it comes down to it, there is nothing extraordinary about the Evoluzione 2. They work effectively throughout a 90 minute game but they don’t give you that special feel you would get from other similar boots. One real issue I have with them is their weight. They are well above your average release, coming in at the 10oz mark. Although that is not heavy compared to a decade ago, we are at a point where 8oz has become the standard for boot releases. The fact that Diadora actually added 1oz from the initial release really compounds the issue.

You can currently find the DD-Evoluzione 2 K at

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: Another comfortable release from Diadora that is highlighted by a little textured forefoot design, aiding first touch.
Category: Heritage – even though they have bright colors, they are intended to suit you everyday player who doesn’t look to technology when selecting boots.
Weight: 10oz, which is a 1oz increase over the original version.
Would I Buy Them: I’d consider them if I was looking for something a little different. But they wouldn’t be my go to selection.
Player Position: They are a top choice for our general player, basically anyone on the pitch! It is tough to define them to one type of player.

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  1. I am getting them. Plain and simple.

    • Good choice. I got them but the K-Pro version (conical studs and net breathing system) and they are fantastic!! love these boots. I have tried tons of boots from Nike to Mizuno and these are some of my favorites. Don't worry about the "weight" in the article, they feel great on your feet, I have a few speed boots and I rather wear these most of the time.

      • I also disagree that they don't feel as "special" as other shoes. Like I sated before I have tried many brands and models and these shoes actually feel very unique compared to others. The unpadded leather upper gives you great feel on the ball but still has that nice leather quality. The build quality of these shoes is also impressive (full kangaroo leather and of great quality)

  2. Nice review. Watching a rugby game on tv right now (I have no idea what is going on) and one of the Italian players (#2) is wearing this exact boot. Very interesting mix of boots these players are wearing. More variety than what you see in a regular soccer match.

  3. Saw these at my local soccer shop. Look nice in person, and I would like to add a pair of Diadora to my collection in the future, just don't think these are it.

  4. Thanks for the really helpful review. Which would you recommend – these, or the Maracana RTX 12 ( I have wide and flat feet so I always buy Diadora k-leather, and I'm trying to choose between these two. Currently the Maracanas are about $30 cheaper, and seem to have rave reviews, but the Evoluzione looks more like my old favorite boots, the Diadora Leggera from 2004.

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