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Puma Release Second evoPOWER Camo Design

evoPOWER Camo

It seems like Puma are not done with teasing their upcoming evoPOWER release, with this latest Camo version giving us a more in-depth sneak peak at what we can expect when they hit the market in the next few weeks. Mario Balotelli signed onto the Puma brand last week, revealing his decision by wearing a more heavily camouflaged newspaper print, the “Why Always Puma?” evoPOWER STAMPA version.

This design gives us a closer look at the strategy Puma has taken with their latest power installment. With other companies stepping away from the Power category, it leaves a huge gap that Puma can fill with the right type of release. Immediately, we can see the additional texture that lies along the power zone and the soleplate has some unusual flex grooves through the midfoot. The big question will be whether or not Puma has found a way to lower weight while allowing the boot to have that built up, armored appearance.

You can currently find the evoPOWER Camo at

Stay tuned for more on this boot over the next week. Cesc Fabregas has already been sporting the boots this week and we know that Mario Balotelli will be sporting the same design this weekend, so watch out for that!

For those interested in the evoPOWER Stampa, you can currently find them at

evoPOWER Camo Power Zone

evoPOWER Camo Insole

evoPOWER Camo Soleplate

evoPOWER Camo Heel

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  1. Liking the padded areas on the forefoot. Hopefully they won't ruin it with horrid colorways like some of the Puma offerings

    • Love the new design. Not too thrilled about the camo colors. The official release colorway will be mainly red with yellow and black accents (some call it the MacDonald's colors ala F50 from a year or so ago).
      There are many leaked photos if you Google evopower

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