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A Short But Important Update From the Front Office!

Boots in Testing

Things are finally starting to kick off in 2014 and they are just going to continue to get crazier as we approach this summer’s World Cup. With that in mind, I thought I’d share a  few quick updates on things in the SoccerCleats101 world and beyond. After the blur that was the Christmas holidays, see this as our way of playing a little catch-up with you – we like to stay connected and updated!

First off, I have a few new pairs of boots in for review, boots that I received several requests from readers about – yes, I read your comments and emails. I’ve tested the Puma evoSPEED and the Adidas F50 adiZero in the synthetic version, but to date I hadn’t had the opportunity to the leather version of either. Considering Messi only chooses leather, it would be silly of me not to do the same. Also in is a pair of Warrior Superheats, the latest release from the American lacrosse soccer brand. With a power and a control boot already under their belts, this is their speed release and it looks like a boot that will make you run fast, maybe.

Black Pack adiZero Profiled

The first boot out of the box and onto the pitch is the F50 adiZero, and I am already well into testing them. My gosh, it is super easy to see just why Messi consistently chooses leather when it comes to the adiZero. Touch is amazing and Adidas has got the stitching across the forefoot just right. This doesn’t take away from the solid performance of the synthetic version, don’t jump to conclusions on that end. Simply put, the leather version offers a different type of performance and I like it a lot.

Warrior Superheat

Puma evoSPEED Side Hit

Earlier today, I got to take out the Warrior Superheat for the first time. Being honest, I was very skeptical about them and what they had to offer. First, they added the steriotypical introductory “Ronald McDonald design”, the upper feels bizarre, and the stud configuration looks like someone drew it up in a completely random fashion. But I can report the first test worked out pretty well and I’m looking forward to day and session #2. Size wise, they seem to fit about a half size long, with a similar shape as the Nike Vapor VIII, more to come on that in the official write-up.

The final boot is the Puma evoSPEED K, which I would have loved to take out first. Sadly, they fit very snug and I’m going to need some extra time breaking them in and figuring them out. It is typical for Puma boots to fit this way, and where you can get away with it on the naturally larger synthetic upper, the calfskin leather version starts out über tight with the intent of stretching.

For those that want more on each boot, all three can be found at

evoPOWER Camo

On another note, we are only 2 days away from the official release of the Puma evoPOWER 1 and we are all set and prepped for their unveiling. Get ready for your socks to be blown off – well, maybe not, but it is always exciting as we lead up to a new boots release. We have seen some initial teasers of the boot in the form of the evoPOWER Camo, but the real version will look a lot different visually. Plus, it is always interesting to hear from designers about how they came up with the final product. For those that like to cheat, I am sure you know how to find images on Google. It is only two more days, hang in there, you can do it!

We also have a pair of boots in from the folks at JustPlayCleats to check out. They are looking at ways to provide players with the option of top quality boots at affordable prices. Interesting concept, but one that is extremely tough to pull off in reality. More to come on them and the boots in the next week.

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  1. Hey Bryan. I own a pair of the evoSpeed 1.2 in leather. If I am not mistaken the upper is actually made from a high quality calf skin on this release. Also I understand what you are going through. They are such a class boot but they take a while to stretch. Once they do I think you will love them.

  2. i've heard about the justplaycleats before. i love the idea behind them and i think its about time they get some attention. would love to see a review of that

    • I actually just looked them up. To be honest the look of them looks pretty bad, but the performance is where it counts. Would love to a review on them as well since they only cost $95.00 US.

  3. Bryan,

    When can we get the full F50 adizero LEATHER Review. Also, how is the synthetic leather on the midfoot combine and feel on the touch, since only 1/3 rd of the boot is leather.

    Thank You

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