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Diadora Release Second Edition DD-NA 2

Diadora DD-NA 2

For those Diadora fans out there, welcome in an updated version of the DD-NA 2. By updated, these have received some visual modifications and a slightly altered paint job, but we can confirm that performance has not been tinkered with and you are getting a very similar package as the original DD-NA.

In other words, Diadora has taken on-board the success achieved by their debut speed boot and instead of messing with the formula, they simply decided to give it a new look. The only significant change that exists is a modified positioning of the creases on the SuprellPro3L upper. This might change how the upper folds under different circumstances as you chop and turn, but overall it shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

With so many companies going Samba right now, as they prepare for this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, the wish-wash combo of colors on this version is set to stand out. There are no other boots that currently feature such defined sectors of color and its a pretty bold design. For any Italian fans out there, they make for a significant look.

Find the Diadora DD-NA 2 at for $150.

DD-NA GLX 14 2

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The synthetic SuprellPro3L upper has been specially developed by Diadora for this boot. When you take it out of the box for the first time, you will notice it holds a smell that is a cross between a rubber and a leather. It has a slightly more rigid feel than other speed boots on the market but it allows for the upper to move more uniformly across the shape of your foot.

Initially like most of you, I was confused to see Diadora come out with this lightweight, speed focused release but you have to give them credit for testing themselves outside the box. At 6.4oz, they provide a solid option for players that either want something a little different, or a boot that is not priced at $200.

What do you guys think of the look?

Find the Diadora DD-NA 2 at for $150.

Diadora DD-NA 2 Profile

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  1. Quality upgrade over the first edition in my opinion.

  2. Saw these boots in the store and they immediately caught my eye. Was hesitant to get them at first, but after a couple trainin sessions and usin them a little bit I'm very happy that i decided to get them, great fit and they feel good. Great buy

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