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Champions League Quarterfinal Draw – Boot Edition

Champions League Draw

The draw for the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal match ups has just been completed. We’ve got an all Spanish pair, and a few giants facing what are considered the weaker teams. The battle on the field is sure to be fierce, but how will the players look from the ankle down as they face off for a chance to get one step closer to the final in Lisbon?

We’ve got the full report for you here at SoccerCleats101. Check out the results from the draw and what boots will feature in each match-up in the breakdown below.


FC Barcelona vs Atletico de Madrid

FC Barcelona

Messi 371 Featured

Lionel Messi recently got the special treatment from Adidas after he scored his record breaking 370th goal for FC Barcelona. There is no saying for sure how long he will wear the special boots, but here’s to hoping he will stay in them long enough to see them in this match-up. This all Spanish match-up features the staple Barcelona, and surprise squad Atletico de Madrid.

Atletico de Madrid


Diego Costa and Adidas announced last month that he officially joined the Adidas team, and will be wearing the Adizero for the foreseeable future. This image has him in the Solar Zest Samba pack colorway, but I’m willing to bet we will see him switch to the new solar slime colorway that we took a closer look at here.

Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund

Real Madrid

Bale adidas Crazylight

Arguably the most interesting boot on the field today, the new Adidas adiZero Crazylight allowed Gareth Bale and Real Madrid crush a struggling Schalke squad. Judging from recent form, I see no reason Bale won’t continue wearing this interesting piece of technology from Adidas. I see no reason why Dortmund will stand in from of Real Madrid as they continue their tear through the tournament.

Borussia Dortmund

Reus in evoPOWER 1

I think we will see a lot of casual fans cheering for last year’s Cinderella story, and the possibility of a repeat performance in this year’s competition for Doortmund. With help from one of Puma’s flagship spokesman, the dream may become a reality. While the Puma EvoPower is seemingly everywhere after the release, Marco Reus is as good of a pick as any to watch for the on field performance of Puma’s newest boot.


 Paris Saint-Germain vs Chelsea Fc

Paris Saint-Germain


All eyes will be on the big Swede for this matchup. Will Zlatan Ibrohimovic finally switch from his beloved electro-purple Nike Vapor IX’s seen in this picture? He has passed up a few of the recent colorways to stay in the purple, but hopefully the yellow and green of Nike’s latest Vapor IX release will catch his eye.  I have a feeling Zlatan happy with this match-up. Expect many Zlatan goals. 

Chelsea FC


Eden Hazard is a sure bet to be wearing Nike’s latest Vapor IX colorway, and boy is he a warrior. The above image proves this. Check out his ankles after the Galatasaray game. I’d like to say he won’t see that kind of brutality in the quarterfinals, but with this draw that appears unlikely.

 Manchester United vs FC Bayern München

Manchester United

Warrior Gambler Pro Blue Red

United snuck into the quarterfinals thanks to a hat-trick from everyone’s favorite Dutchman. While the boot watcher’s eyes are constantly checking the underside of Robin Van Persie’s boots, I think they should look elsewhere. Marouane Fellaini has finally comeback from injury, and will most likely be sporting this new colorway for the Warrior Gambler come match time. The draw none of the Manchester United fans has happened. The outlook may be grim, but of course anything can happen.

FC Bayern München

Kroos adiPure

The biggest boot story from the reigning champs has been detailed already by SoccerCleats101. Bryan’s self proclaimed newest favorite player, Toni Kroos will be sporting the oldest boots in any of the quarterfinal matchups when he runs out in the Adidas adiPure IV. It will surely be interesting to see a team cruising through league play match up with a team greatly struggling in their respective league.

With the amount of time between the draw and the actual games, there may be some changes in the boots these players wear come game time. Will we see the Magista on the field by then? What about another Adidas player sporting the Primeknit? Will Nike drop yet another Vapor IX throwback colorway? All of these are possibility, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Also feel free to share your predictions for the games.

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