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Liverpool on the Brink of Greatness - Players and Boots - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Liverpool on the Brink of Greatness – Players and Boots

Liverpool Celebrate

As things stand, Liverpool are only 3 games away from what will be a long over due league title, it has been 24 years! Greatness awaits if they can pick up 7 points from those 3 games and given their current form, it is hard to imagine they won’t be successful in that quest. Brendan Rodgers has created a team with a winning mentality, where fluid attacks rule and a willingness to work for your teammates is a key fundamental.

There have been plenty of players responsible for the phenomenal level of play this season, here we take a look at some of the key players that are going to be under a spotlight over the next three weeks and the boots they wear!

Suarez Sturridge Gerrard

Luis Suárez – adidas adiZero F50

Striker | 30 goals, 25 assists

It is incredible to think that Suarez actually missed the 5 games of the season, yet he is still top scorer in the EPL by a long shot. With 30 goals and 25 assists in only 30 games, he has been the key component in Liverpool’s mighty rise over the past few months.

After several very controversial incidents, adidas has started to look at Suarez as a possible lead endorser. He was the only player to wear the Primeknit and has been used to promote several new colorways.

Daniel Sturridge – Nike Hypervenom Phantom

Striker | 20 goals, 8 assists

How Chelsea must regret letting Sturridge leave the club 2 seasons ago. Even through injury, Sturridge has been pivotal this season and when Suarez has hit a 60 minute blip without scoring, Sturridge has continually been on hand to lend some help in the form of goals.

Set to be a key player for England at the World Cup this summer, expect to see more of Sturridge and his Hypervenom Phantom in advertising campaigns. He has adapted to the next agility boot quite well and his speed of play coupled with ability to rapidly change direction make them an ideal match for his playing style.

Steven Gerrard – Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0

Center Mid | 13 goals, 11 assists

If you thought Stevie G wouldn’t get an EPL title in his career, you obviously didn’t ask the man himself. There are not many people as driven as Gerrard and again he has been an inspirational figure, leading from the heart of the team.

In an odd twist, Gerrard switched from Predator to Nitrocharge last year. It was a bold, unexpected move but one that seems to have played a role in energizing his performances. He is an engine, Adidas advertise the Nitrocharge as being “an engine” – perfect match really!

Sterling Coutinho Skrtel

Raheem Sterling – Nike Vapor IX

Winger | 9 goals, 6 assists

Brendan Rodgers stated this week that Sterling is the best young player currently in the game and it is tough to go against that with his current form. He destroyed Norwich on Sunday bagging 2 goals and an assist in absolute style.

Everything about the Vapor IX is geared toward explosive speed and Sterling has that in abundance. The lightweight speed boot has matched his attacking style, cutting in from the wing perfectly.

Philippe Coutinho – Nike Vapor IX

Winger | 5 goals, 7 assists

Another player who has chipped in on the attacking end is Coutinho, with the Brazilian being unstoppable through several key games. His biggest attribute is his unpredictability, as he has the ability to use either foot to cut in or break down the line.

In similar fashion to Sterling, Coutinho also sports the explosive Vapor IX. It seems to be the wingers choice at Anfield and again it compliments his fast paced style of play.  And the current Yellow/Green Fast Forward colorway he is wearing makes an ideal choice for a Brazilian!

Martin Skrtel – Nike CTR360 III

Defender | 7 goals, 1 assist

When you have a defender sitting among the club’s top scorer ranks, it is a definite plus and a menace to opposing defenses on set-pieces. Skrtel might not be the best defender currently in the EPL, but he has been commanding this season when it matters most…and on both sides of the pitch.

Now in the midst of their retirement, the CTR360 Maestri is the choice for Skrtel and the defender is making the most of the playmakers boot. Built around comfort and the key characteristics of control, Skrtel is a perfect example of a player using a boot geared toward a different player very effectively.

Mignolet Borini

Simon Mignolet – SELLS AXIS 360 EXOSPHERE

Goalkeeper | 10 clean sheets

Taking over the #1 jersey from Pepe Reina, Mignolet had big shoes to fill. Yet, he has done it with an extreme level of professionalism while breathing fresh life into the Liverpool backline. His saves in several games this season have been instrumental in Liverpool winning games.

Lets focus on gloves here, with Mignolet currently wearing the SELLS AXIS 360 EXOSPHERE. I don’t know a great deal about gloves, but according to Sells, “Flat palm or classic cut construction with perimeter seaming for a traditional fit with a large latex-to-ball contact area. The Axis 360 ™ Elite models also feature a Surround Cut ™ for a comfortable fit and increased latex-to-ball contact.” Sounds good to me!

Fabio Borini – Nike CTR360 III

Striker | 1 Winning Goal vs Chelsea

Borini might not currently wear a Liverpool jersey, but his winning goal for Sunderland this weekend (where he is on loan) has a huge impact on the league table. It basically took Chelsea out of the title range and means that even with a win at Anfield this weekend, the title is out of their hands.

The CTR360 worn by Borini to score that 82nd minute winner vs Chelsea would probably sell for a fortune on the Red Liverpool market! Not exactly a playmaker, Borini does have the occasional eye for goal and they are a solid boot to be wearing in any attacking play.

With only a few weeks left in the title race, so you think Liverpool can pull off what seemed impossible at the beginning of the season? And, which player on the list do you think most deserves EPL Player of the Season?

Liverpool EPL

Images via Liverpool FC Facebook

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