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The Best of the CTR360 Maestri Line - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

The Best of the CTR360 Maestri Line

CTR360 Maestri Logo

As we all know, the Nike Magista is set to replace the CTR360 Maestri line after three great versions of Nike’s signature control boot. I have personally been a huge fan of the Maestri line, and owned 4+ boots over the course of its lifetime. Due to my admiration, I felt it was necessary to send the Maestri line into boot heaven with a highlight of the best colors released over the boot’s lifetime. Check out my rankings, and feel free to comment with some of your favorites that I may have missed.

The top five in my mind are as follows.

CTR360 Maestri III- White/Blue

This one comes from the recent Nike Reflective Pack. This boot is still available to purchase from I added this color because the white-out effect looks great when combined with the light blue soleplate. The contrast of the two really makes the boot stand out.

CTR360 Flash Pack

CTR360 Maestri II- Red/White/Black

This colorway works together flawlessly. It comes in the time just before Nike decided only highlighter bright colors could be used, and the shiny-red color provides an awesome pantent leather look.

New Nike CTR360 Maestri

CTR360 Maestri II – Grey/Red/White 

Honestly, I added this colorway in because it is still one I get to wear on occasion. I really like the white top and grey bottom on the upper.

Black CTR360 Maestri II Elite

CTR360 Maestri III- Black out special edition

I am a sucker for blackout colorways, and the way Nike sent of the Maestri with this colorway shows they know blackout is something special.

Nike CTR360 Maestri Blackout

CTR360 Maestri I – 2010 World Cup edition

This has to be the most iconic colorway of the Maestri ever released. The silver and orange still pop up in my mind when I think of Iniesta in the World Cup final. I can only hope Nike has come up with something equally outstanding for next month’s World Cup in Brasil.

Mach CTR360 Maestri Elite

What did you think of the Maestri line as a whole? Do you see the Magista having the same kind of success? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

About Colin Thompson

Colin is a blog writer for SoccerCleats101, and self proclaimed boot lover. Transplanted to Iceland from Texas, Colin has worn boots in some of the best and some of the worst conditions in the world. Follow him on Twitter for a look into the life of a soccer player in Iceland!

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