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Puma Evopower 3 TT Review

evo power 3

Here at Soccercleats101 we have developed an appreciation for one of the very few remaining power boot silo on the market in the form of the evoPOWER boots, an affection that even extends to the mid-tier option the Evopower 2. Both options reviewed very highly, the evoPOWER 2 being called the top mid-tier on the market by the Bry-guy himself. But I was left wondering about the evoPOWER 3, the next step down. Would it surpass expectations as well? Grabbing a pair of the turf version I set off to find out.

I grabbed a pair in a size 9.5 and later a size 10 (the 10 fit) of the Black/Grenadine/White colorway in the TF option. Sitting closer to the bottom most tier than the top the Evopower 3 would have been a risky buy but since it has been so strongly discounted it was well worth the investment. After testing I am even more glad that I made the purchase. First Impression

First Impression

First off again a quick note on sizing, they fit a half size small. This was the first time I bought a pair of boots online and got them in too small so that was a bit of a setback. But when they fit comfortably on your feet they supply a very satisfying package. The detailing is very sleek, I like the spiral, swirls and more angular background accents on the boot. I really like the look and feel of the iconic Formstripe on the lateral side of the boot. The accu-foam pods on the boot have no foam but they do have decent body to them so in a bare bones way they still serve their intended purpose functionally and aesthetically. Overall it is a pretty aggressive looking pair of boots


The Tech

The upper of the Evopower3 is a very supple synthetic with protruding pods which are outlined in denser regions. The interplay of these region kind of creates cushion when receiving and a bit of extra rebound power off the shot. On the tongue we have a few pads of foam  to add a bit of cushion  so the boot isn’t completely devoid of foam. The Everfit cage ext area on the the Evopower 3 has been given a different material  but probably holds the same function as the high end version of keeping fit uniform in the midfoot/arch region.

Fit and Break in

Once again I will say they fit a half size small, every negative review I see of them states this and I can’t strongly stress this point enough as well. The half size up fits like a dream however and it gets very comfortable with use as the insole adapts perfectly to the foot shape within even just two wears. I wouldn’t’ say they fit wider by any means so those with wider feet be aware. The upper was a worry until I got them in hand, they in no way feel cheap. It is very pliable after very little go time which is the perfect attribute for a synthetic.

power podspadded tongue

Performance and Durability

Since the upper boasts shooting elements that is where I put most of my focus when testing them out. I am lucky that I really liked shooting in them! They have a nice solid “ping factor” to them  and I was getting off some pretty shiny shots. At times the pods seemed to really add extra oomph with the interplay of the soft pods and the denser regions surrounding them.  Receiving the ball was also pleasant as the pads added a bit of cushion, this boot is very control/power oriented. Though honestly not as much as either the mid or higher tier versions of course, but I got a bit more benefit than I thought I would. I really like the upper material as it really synergized with the foot well even with the pods. Traction was perfect turf wise but seriously suffered on black ice so I would not recommend them when ice skating.  As expected with a lower tier synthetic boot there are very little concerns when it comes to durability. There have just been a few scuffs.

lateral side

Compared to Others

I have sampled more than a few lower-tier synthetic boots and the upper of the Evopower 3 is very impressive and having said that the whole make up of the boot is decent. They are actually the most comfortable turf boots I have come to wear even more than the Tiempo Legacy which I found to be extremely surprising. Playing the hour and a half long session I would find the Evopower just as comfortable as I did at the end of the two and a half hour play session which I can’t say about the Legacy which started getting uncomfortable after the first hour. I can’t really compare it to any lower tier turf boots, it even outpaces the phelon and bomba pro in my personal opinion. Once again the Evopower silo gets an “exceeds expectations” mark with now the Evopower 3 despite the early sizing issue.

the outsole


The sizing issues are an obvious negative. I also wish there were a bit of extra padding in the pods and around the collar but it is hardly worth mentioning. I would also call the limited TT colorways a turn off as they don’t have that many options available.


At the reduced price of $52.99 it is well worth the investment especially if you are on the look out for an inexpensive pair of turf boots. They might not wow you if you are comparing them to high tier versions but they still perform very well indeed. Unfortunately this particular colorway isn’t available in many sizes.

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  1. I think the high marks that you gave this boot are making me want to splurge on a pair of evoPower 1s. The quality in this boot range is nice and I have seen each in person. I am not a big fan of synthetics but the evoPower line is nice. To bad I have too many boots lol.

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