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Up Close: Milémil L'infatigable, Handcrafted in France - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Up Close: Milémil L’infatigable, Handcrafted in France

Milemil L'infatigable

A few weeks back, we broke details with you about a French company called Milémil. A relatively new company to the market, their goal is simple; create a boot fully manufactured in France, featuring fine quality leather and lined with organic cotton.

Not long after, we were treated to a pair of handcrafted boots called the Milémil L’infatigable. For those wondering what L’infatigable translates as, it is basically “someone that persists tirelessly.” If we break that down further, it essentially means they are essentially an old-school version of the Adidas Nitrocharge……right?

Maybe not, but they do feature a very clean Cream colorway with Orange detailing, and they have the look and feel of something from another era. There is just something that little bit extra special about them!

Milemil L'infatigable Boxed

Performance wise, they really don’t stack up against modern day releases. But, they are not intended to and Milémil don’t make that claim. Built with high quality materials, this silo is intended to provide comfort, durability and a high level of retro styling! Across the forefoot, a dual layer of stitching creates a more pliable feel to the leather, ensuring it fits more naturally as you break them in. This is not the type of boot that sits super snug across the forefoot from the off, instead you are going to need to spend time with them in order to replicate your ideal fit. In images, you can clearly see how the toe-box sits slightly higher than you’d see on modern releases.

Then there is padding – a whole lot of padding! Around the ankle lining and through the tongue, the boot is filled with extra materials to create a more solidified feel. It mimics what you’d expect old school boots from the 60’s and 70’s would have contained, most likely to provide protection against crunching tackles that went unpunished by referees! Being that there is so much added material, you won’t be surprised to hear that they weigh in at 11oz.

Milemil French Boots

Milemil Badge

Milemil Leather Upper

In similar fashion to boots from brands like Ryal and Cinquestelle, these boots feature an extremely flexible soleplate. It has the ability to bend to a nearly 180 position, allowing you to touch heel to toe. The conical stud configuration makes them an ideal candidate for use on both FG and AG surfaces, something that is bound to be important to most of you considering a pair.

Size wise, they will suit players in need of a slightly wider fit. That is one of the key characteristics to a boot like this. Brands normally stifle designs and cut corners to create a lighter boot, one that sits more narrow. Milemil haven’t skimped and they will provide players with a little extra breathing space through wear!

The final note is on pricing, with a €159 price tag attached for this specific pair. That equates to around $180 with the current exchange rates. Basically, if you are in need of something that features an old school design with that special handmade touch, and you have the money to spend on something unique, they are a boot to consider. And don’t forget that everything about them is French crafted, so that is something that adds a little extra value.

If you want to see their line-up of boots, head to Milé

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