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Up Close: Neymar’s Nike Hypervenom Phantom “Liquid Diamond”

Nike Hypervenom Liquid Diamonds

They have been on the market a few months, but we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to profile the latest and greatest personalized version of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom released specifically for Neymar. Given the fact he is the “heir in throne” to take over from Messi and Ronaldo, there is great excitement in what boots the crafty Brazilian has on his feet. And as you would expect, he gets the high-vis treatment that truly depicts his expressive style of play.

It has also been a while since I had the opportunity to test out the Hypervenom – since the intro colorway and our Hypervenom review – so taking them out for some game action provided a fresh look at what they have on offer. In a sense, it was like a review revisit!

For those that want a pair, find them listed at soccerloco.

Nike Hypervenom Liquid Diamond Unboxing

Hypervenom Liquid Diamond

We have a lot of options available when it comes to picking a pair of soccer cleats. But picking the right pair can be the difference between performing well and taking things to a new level. The first question we need to answer is what type of player will get the most effective performance from the Hypervenom Phantom?

Through Nike advertising, you wouldn’t be incorrect in immediately placing the Hypervenom in the “all out attack” category. They are definitely geared towards creativity, with the honeycomb textured upper providing a little extra touch and control on the ball. When it comes to shooting or long passes, that attribution proves even more effective as it keeps the ball controlled as you strike. Over the past week, while wearing them, I’ve connected on some dynamic shots where you feel the effect of the upper. There is an ever so slight sticky feel that keeps the ball in unison with your boot and its ACC upper layer. It obviously won’t turn you into a star overnight, but it does have some benefits as you look to improve your shooting accuracy.

Neymar Nike Hypervenom Phantom

Nike Hypervenom Upper Definition

Neymar Nike Hypervenom Liquid Diamond

But, there is a whole lot more to these boots that makes them more than just an attacking boot. Defenders can easy take advantage of what these have on offer. In similar effect to the T90 Laser range (which they actually replaced) they have everything going for defensive styled players. The upper might not be as protected, but it still provides plenty of cover and the traction focused soleplate is sure to provide a sure footing in tight situations.

Another big plus about these boots is the width on offer. As the current market goes, they are one of the most accommodating boots out there. Employing a synthetic material, Nike went with a more open fit off the bat rather than keeping them tight across the forefoot. You won’t get much stretch from them through wear, but that shouldn’t be a problem for most players.

When it comes to a “revisit review” there are a few key comments I wanted to add. First off, they are a much better shooting boot than I remember. The upper is so clean and perfect for placing shots with a little extra curl. The extra definition across the upper adds an angular connection that provides a more controlled feel. The other note I have is related to the insoles, or the feel through wear. The footbed doesn’t adsorb vibration very well, so you are essentially feeling the entire pounding effect through the heel as you run. If you are sensitive to underfoot feel, you might need to consider a more appropriate shock-absorbing insole!

Hypervenom Phantom NikeSkin

Hypervenom Liquid Diamond Heel

Hypervenom Phantom Soleplate

As you’d expect from a personalized Nike release, these are full of color and definitely suit the style of Neymar. He is energetic, full of tricks and plays like a guy who really enjoys every second on the pitch. The Silver (or Liquid Diamond) base provides a shiny platform for Nike to create a boot with pop. There are stroked lines and light patterns across the upper that create a unique look under lights, but you won’t notice it from a distance. You can see it in effect in the side profile image below. On top of that, Nike use a mix of Volt Yellow and Pink detailing through both Swoosh on the upper. Combined with a Gold tongue, it creates a very unique visual effect that is absolutely unmistakable!

What is my current take on the Hypervenom Phantom? Well, rumor has it that they are set to be removed from the market before the end of 2015, and I personally feel like that would be a shame. These boots have a lot on offer and are ideal for players that require a more spacious fit. They are clean for shooting and very accommodating as a multi-positional boot. Having had the opportunity to run a second review, I’m more inclined to recommend them than I would have been before!

I’m guessing many of you have had an opportunity at some point to wear the Hypervenom Phantom. If so, leave us some comments below to let us know how they performed for you and if there is anything about them that others should know before picking up a pair!

Again, for those that want a pair, head over and find them listed for $212 at soccerloco.

Liquid Diamond Nike Hypervenom

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