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Adidas Primeknit Boost – Is it the Perfect Short Sided Shoe?

Adidas Primeknit Boost Feature

Along with the release of the the Primeknit 2.0 FG, adidas offered up a fresh new indoor/lifestyle shoe in the form of the Primeknit Boost. We are talking the most innovative technology meets the short sided game in the most dramatic fashion! Using the same knitted compression style fit and adidas’ revolutionary cushioned foam “Boost” outsole, this is a no-nonsense shoe intended to elevate every players game.

We have had the opportunity to experienced the quality of “Boost” performance through the Freefootball Boost, Messi Edition. Where that version is all about everyday style, providing you with the opportunity to wear something extra classy in the boardroom without getting noticed, the Primeknit take a completely different approach. These are a lot more “next-level advanced”, and that high heel cut is sure to grasp attention of any high level executive!

Here is our breakdown of the boot with some observations on what you can expect should you decide to pick up a pair.

And if you do, you can find them at

Primeknit Boost

When it comes to the upper, there is very little difference between these and the Primeknit FG. This covers the entire upper design including the compression tongue and high heel cut.

Adidas employ a Lycra yarn inside the shoe, across the midfoot and through the tongue region. Basically, it is there to ensures that both sides of the tongue are locked down with the layered knit to provide an extremely snug fit. Slipping your foot in to the boot is easy to do, but that tongue design does create a very compressed feel through wear. Like the FG version, I noticed that there were parts of my foot connected with the upper that I’d never felt on other shoes.

Primeknit Boost Design

Adidas Primeknit Boost Review

Highest Heel in the Game!

Then there is the “highest heel in the game”. Technically, Nike’s mid cut collar boots sit as high, but they are collars rather than just a single heel cut. The shape goes about 2 inches higher than what we normally expect. Its intent is to provide support through the heel. In a general stance, it sits at an angle off the heel and it doesn’t touch until you are in a strike motion. There is a dual purpose to these shoes (running and short sided soccer) so depending on how you use them, that heel cut might or might not come into play. In a strike motion, it provides a little extra support to the Achilles region. Is it going to dramatically effect performance? Not at all really, in fact it seems to hold a more aesthetic purpose than performance. So, if you decide to use them as a running shoe, there definitely isn’t anything to be concerned about. A more uniform running motion will leave the cut sitting away from your heel.

Adidas Primeknit Boost

Primeknit Boost Sole

What is Boost Technology?

The one aspect of the shoe that you might not be familiar with is boost technology – so what is it?

BOOST is a groundbreaking innovation in cushioning. It provides more energy return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry, combining soft comfort with responsive energy for the ultimate running experience. In the heat, in the cold and after countless kilometers, it performs more consistently and doesn’t lose its cushioning properties like standard EVA.

When it comes to playing short sided games or using these as a sneaker, that kind of tech should come in useful. And it does! I definitely wouldn’t place this near the top of the most comfortable running shoe list, but they are a hybrid style design that offer a pretty solid crossover option when considering different surface conditions.

Primeknit Upper Construction

Primeknit Upper

The last key area to discuss is touch and control on the ball. For that, we again refer to the Primeknit FG review – there is definite texture through key areas of the boot as adidas allows the natural shape of the yarn to enhance first touch. As you rub your fingers across the forefoot and through the strikezone you can feel the dimensional nature of the material. It is something that will help players that like to get on the ball and move at pace. Rather than sliding off the surface, you get a little extra cushion and grip to enhance overall control.

The “outer shell” across the zoned knitted upper is actually a lightweight vacuum coated skin. It is a sealed layer, almost like a micro-thin plastic material that helps protect the yarns and retain a soft surface, meaning the boot is at home in any weather conditions.

Summing Up the Primeknit Boost.

As “introductory” features go on a shoe, this is about as in-depth as you will find. And to go along with that, we can give you our ultimate take on the silo. Can they be placed amongst the ranks of top shoe releases? Personally, I’m not convinced that is a yes. There are a lot of positives to these and the tech specs are mighty impressive. But, I feel like there is better to come in this style release as adidas adapts and understands more about the actual design.

This is a shoe that is most definitely worth checking out, just to experience what they have on offer. But don’t be surprised if you are a little underwhelmed after spending a weekend wearing them through short sided games and running home afterwards!

For those that want a pair, this premium version is available for $149.99 on!

Primeknit Boost Heel Design

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