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Who Needs Wide Fitting Boots? The New Balance Approach - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Who Needs Wide Fitting Boots? The New Balance Approach

New Balance Wide Fit Boots

One area that proves problematic for a lot of players is finding boots that fit width wise, something that is wider than a standard fit or has the ability to stretch. Unless you special order, it can be tough to find boots that really fit adequately. Well, New Balance has made one of the smartest release marketing plays by offering up wide fit models in all their new Furon and Visaro models.

We received in the standard fit models this week (the boots in the images) and have got to work on testing them. The Wide Fit models are all a 2E or EE size, which provides a little extra space on a wider soleplate. It ensures that a wider variety of players have the opportunity to test out the brand new silos. These boots and some extremely slick Asics DS are all you have to choose from.

Right now, there are plenty of pairs available, but given the number of players that are seeking out “ready to ship” boots like this, they are not likely to hang around long. So, should you be considering a pair, it might be worth considering them a little quicker and snapping up a pair early!

Find both wide fit New Balance boots available at

New Balance Furon and Visaro

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  1. YES – I need new boots and can’t find any wide enough. Going to pick up a pair and will let you know how they are sc101 (if you want)

  2. Mohammad Tarmizzy

    This is the reason I wanna buy NB soccer shoe. Because they provide wide variation for someone who has a wide feet like me. Having said that, the one drawback at the moment is that there's no retail selling service the fact that I am based in England. What I'm saying is that yes, you can get online and yes, if it's not the right wide size, you can return them. But, it might not be favorable for someone who wants to have it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In other words, I hope NB opens up a retail store like Nike, Puma and Adidas in the future.

  3. Thanks NB! Any help for wide feet is much appreciated!! I tried the Furon in 10 EE. (9.5 4E would be my best fit) The insole is thin, but not removable. This, coupled with a full length orthotic made the fit too tight for a synthetic. I tried my older 3/4 length orthotics and the fore foot was much better. For me, the Furon as well as the ASICs DS Light Wide left too much length in the toe box. I returned the Furon to try the Visaro in 9.5. (9.5 DS Light wide fits well with a removable insole). I am trying to find a wide synthetic boot for the artificial grass fields. I'll try to post on the Visaro when I receive them.

    • Returned the Furon 10EE for the Visaro 9.5EE thinking the length fit would be the same. Wrong. Need at least the 10EE Visaro. Still frustrated with the non-removable insole with a custom orthotic.

      The Furon traction was amazing, but the fit/feel was a problem. Too stiff and restrictive for a synthetic, and I like rigid boots… (I wear the power spine Predators) The Visaro fit/feel is much better. Still need to get them in the right size and get on with them. Paying fedex to try them on… Hope this helps someone with a fit.

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