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8 Things You Need To Know About the New Balance Line-Up

New Balance Boots

The long awaited arrival of New Balance football has commenced and players are starting to get their first taste of what they brand has to offer the soccer world. With a list of high profile players to highlight the boots, there is much interest from players that want to experience the boots for themselves.

I’ve had the Visaro and Furon in for the past few weeks and figured now would be an ideal time to give you a short breakdown on what I’ve discovered about the range of boots on offer. It is hard hitting but absolutely as honest as it gets. Make sure to hit up the comment section below after reading with anything you might have to add.

Find all New Balance boots currently listed at soccer.com.

#1 – These Boots Are Not Warrior Sports

So, by this point you should know that Warrior Sports were taken over by New Balance about a year ago, and that is why we now have NB boots replacing the old Warrior line-up. But, there is a huge difference between the marketing and construction of the boots, with NB taken a much more subtle approach. Gone is the crazy tech talk, with terms like “Glory Hole” and “High Roller Zone” being retired. Instead, NB has focused on simpler designs that establish a bond between more expected norms and player performance. That is the theory anyway!

New Balance Soccer Boots

#2 – What Boots Are On Offer?

It started with the introduction of Visaro, the creators boot that is designed to help players make things happen. Then came the Furon, a boot intended to help players take their chances. Recently, a classic looking Leather Visaro has also been released, offering players a more natural fitting boot option. Those are the boots currently available, and to date there has only been one colorway released for each.

#3 – NB Has Created A Wide Fit Range

Now this is about the smartest move we have seen from a brand in a while! Along with their regular releases, NB has unleashed a range of wider fitting boots to accommodate more players. The Wide Fit models are all a 2E or EE size, which provides a little extra space on a wider soleplate. Find both wide fit New Balance boots available at soccer.com.

New Balance Furon Lacing System

#4 – Furon Is A Terrible Boot

Oh man, there is just no way to be kind about this! The Furon is an absolute bust with so many complications. Given the hype surrounding the brand over the past year, I’m at odds to understand just how this boot got through the development process and out to market. Was there no one willing to hold up their hand and say “wait a second, these boots might just be awful.” The actual upper feels like it is made of a stiff wax paper, and trying to get your foot in feels like putting on a swimming fin. The process places you in danger of injury as you wiggle your foot into an almost vacuum like seal. When you do get your feet in, the upper feels very unnatural and creases is a very obscure way. It doesn’t have any natural movement across your foot like a traditional synthetic. Then there is the very thin front ankle cut and the partially attached tongue that mimics the design of the Under Armour Blur Carbon III. Combined with the upper material, it makes the boot extra stiff.

Through the process of trying these on and taking them through a warm-up, I’ve decided to skip testing them. Consider this my feedback on the boot. It is also interesting to note the Adnan Januzaj is a key player in the advertising campaign for the Furon, yet he has chosen a blackout boot to wear through pre-season that are definitely not the Furon. Here is hoping we see NB modify and develop a much improved 2.0 version!

NB Visaro Unboxing

#5 – Visaro Is the Way To Go!

In stark contrast, the Visaro is a boot that has a whole lot of promise. This is a boot that almost has a CTR360 Maestri feel about it, with a ridged forefoot design sitting on a traditional style mold. The lacing sits just off center with a soft, pliable tongue sitting comfortably across your foot. Those additional ridges through the forefoot add extra definition and help you get a little extra spin as you ping balls around the pitch. Full review is on its way!

#6 – You Can’t Take the Insoles Out

Worth noting, the insoles on each boot are glued in place – so they are not removable. I’ve tried taking them out, but they are literally glued in so keep that in mind if you like to use your own insoles.

New Balance Soccer

#7 – What You Need To Know About the Soleplate

Both soleplates are set up similar, yet they perform in completely different ways. The first thing to note is that New Balance advertise both as having a stiff feel, with the purpose of exceptional energy return. I can confirm that both are ultra stiff and will take time to really loosen up to a natural state.

The Visaro features a streamlined Super-Flex soleplate, with conical studs and a low profile design to keep you grounded. The Furon is very different, with the plate featuring extreme definition and an ultra-directional stud design for unrivaled straight-line speed. You also get a unique multi-level two stud heel design!

NB Boot Bags

#8 – Boot Bag Included

Gotta love when brands include a little “extra” with each pair of boots sold. The Visaro and Furon both come with a simple textile boot bag included, ideal for placing your boots in post game. NB has attributed a brand design to both bags, in case you need a reminder of what you have put inside.

What are your thoughts on the New Balance range? If you’ve had the opportunity to check out or wear any of the boots listed, make sure to share your experience with us in the comments below.

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  1. Alan | Footy Boots

    We've also had the luxury of testing the NB range out for a few weeks. We're working on our review too and were interested to hear your comments on the Furon and Visaro were similar to ours.

    We've struggled with the Furon, in fact I could only keep it on my foot for 20 minutes, mainly due to the shape of the upper and its lack of flexibility.

    The Visaro though, really impressed – top boot!

  2. For number 4, blame Jesus Navas. He is the co-lead Furon wearer, and wore the boot against Vietnam in a pre-season friendly.

    For number 5, I played in the New Balance Visaro and felt that the fit was even better than the adiZero F50 2014.

    With regards to the Furon, I have not wore it yet.

    • Hi sir, can I check if the sizing is the same as that of Adidas/Nike and Puma football boots? Thanks!

      • I am wearing the adiZero F50 2015, and it provides a very good fit, but compared to the Visaro in the same size, though, the Visaro fits tighter, and really wraps around your foot. Both have great comfort, and even as an Adidas fan, I have to say that the Visaro thumps the adiZero in terms of snugness.

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