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Diadora Brasil SPA Released – Return Of “Made In Italy”

Diadora Brasil SPA

They have arrived! Diadora announced they would be releasing a new “Made in Italy” boot this summer. A little later than expected but the classically styled Diadora Brasil SPA has been released to market. This is a boot that transports us back in time to another era, with it’s fold over tongue and iconic Black/Neon Diadora colorway providing perfect visual effect for traditional enthusiasts.

It has been a while since we have seen an ultimate crafted creation from the Italian brand, but with this version of the Brasil S.P.A they are reinventing heritage. We are talking the same style boots as Roy Keane and the Neville’s used to wear back in the day, with an air of polite sophistication about them.

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Diadora Brasil SPA Made in Italy

Diadora Brasil K-Leather

The upper feature an ultra-soft water resistant full-grain kangaroo leather, with a classic double layered stitching running across the black forefoot. It adds some definition through the region, which is perfect for first touch on the ball. The real benefit of a k-leather is the boots ability to stretch with your foot shape over time, should you need it. I found that they fit perfectly right out of the box. Length wise, they offer a slightly extended fit to your standard release. Width, they are very spacious and as a result they should suit a large percentage of players.

Inside the boot, Diadora use an anti-stretch fabric lining and anti-slip rear lining. This ensures you get a locked down fit through the right areas.  You also get a fibertech insole that has an accommodating bend point in the forefoot area. Even with there classic visual appearance, this is very much a modern version release, with Diadora implementing improved comfort techniques throughout.

Diadora Brasil Tongue

Diadora Brasil Upper Design

Then there is the mini foldover tongue. There is a simple design to this one, with a Velcro stripe keeping it locked down through wear. It is a nice strong connection, and it didn’t move out of play during wear. On top, you get “brasil” stitched in along with an Italian flag branding. This same branding sits on the heel also, ensuring players the players left chasing your shadow know what brand you are wearing! In saying that, you might not end up leaving many players in your wake, considering they are not a speed boot or intended to compliment pacey players. Weighing in at 10.2oz, this is a boot built for comfort and players who don’t like to over-complicate their game. We all know the type of players that is going to be attracted to this boot, and if you are reading this far down I’d imagine you are part of that group. Trust me when I say these are a quality boot!

Underfoot, the soleplate and stud configuration is very traditional. A low profile, conical stud configuration is well spread out to distribute pressure as you play. The neon lime colored soleplate proved a little stiff through the first few wears, in very similar fashion to the soleplate of the Copa Mundial. But that eases as they adjust to you and your movements.

Diadora Brasil Detailing

Lets be honest here; these boots won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. But they have a lot of quality on offer and are a welcome addition to the increasing number of heritage style boots being released to market. For those that were familiar with older model Diadora boots, it should come as no surprise that the Brasil is very comfortable to wear and should provide a good lifespan of wear.

Final note is reserved to price – an area that might prove to be make or break for some players. Coming with a “Made in Italy” title is something that immediately increases the value of the boot. It is not the most cost-efficient way to produce, but it does ensure players that own a pair are getting pure quality. On release, they were listed with a $229.99 price tag.

If you want to see more of the Diadora Brasil, find them listed at

Diadora Brasil Italy

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  1. Well if my Made in Italy Pantofola d'Oro boots were worth it then I see no reason as to why these wouldn't be either. There is a lot of extra attention to detail that goes into boots that are made in the country of their origin. Mizuno's Made in Japan boots are higher class, the Copa is a notch above the rest. It just gives you that feeling of luxury.

  2. Sizing and width compared to Adidas Copa or Mizuno Morelia?

  3. Sizing compared to Adidas Copa Mundial and Mizuno Morelia MIJ?

    Wow! I remember these, one of the best boots ever created. Roberto Baggio, Roy Keane, etc. No-nonsense boot. Buttery touch and lighter than Copa's, for elite pro's. I am interested in these as well. Haven't worn Diadora in many years. Got excited a couple years ago for the "Diadora Brasil" release, but it turned out to be a cheap knock-off, Made in China. With sub-par leather. These appear to be the real goods, pretty stiff price tag though, they used to be $100'ish, like Copa's. Let me know, interested. Have been waiting for a real review of these, since August 2015, but no one has reviewed them. It is now March 2016.

    • The price tag is definitely a little rough! In terms of fit, they are very similar to the Copa, actually. A boot to definitely compare them against. But these are absolutely quality, definitely a boot worth wearing if you can get them at the right price.

      • Hello, How about the size wise? Should I get US8.5 if I wear Puma King 1982 Top K in US9.5? Thx.

      • The thing is, I can get the Mizuno Morelia (MIJ) in my size, for $170 shipped on Ebay. That is nearly impossible to beat in terms of Price—>Performance. I usually find them for $220-250 shipped though. Unless these are somehow better, which could be the case given their pedigree. I would experiment. But why change if my boot of choice is so excellent and satisfying?

        So a size 10 Copa would fit like a size 10 Diadora Brasil SPA? Have you tried them out in game? I was hoping for a review. Let me know when you can.

        • If your current boots are working, I definitely wouldn't change. It is very likely you'd have a positive experience with Brasil, but don't change if you've got something that works. Brasil fits in a very similar fashion to Copas. so yes on your sizing question!

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