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New Balance Release Second Visaro and Furon Colorway

NB Colorways

Earlier this week, New Balance unleashed only their second colorway series on the new Visaro and Furon series. Both versions feature extremely fresh and vibrant looks, adding some spice to the range as NB continue to try gain traction in the market.

On the image above, the Furon is pictured on the right in a Deep Orchid/Serene Green/Imperial colorway, while the Visaro comes in Baltic/Serene Green. Out of both visually, our preference would go to the Furon and its wild array of shades. But, from a performance perspective we would choose the Visaro every time!

Check out more details on both colorways at soccer.com.

New Balance Furon in Deep Orchid

Why would we choose the Visaro every time? Since finding ourselves a pair, we haven’t been very kind to the Furon for several reasons. The actual upper feels like it is made of a stiff wax paper that has dried out, while trying to get your foot in feels like putting on a swimming fin. They just don’t have much natural appeal.

The Visaro on the other hand has a nice feel, great shape and fits the mold of a control style boot real well. To the touch, there is obviously enough material to reduce impact and provide a padded feel, which for a boot that weighs in at 7.7oz is awfully impressive. Built in a sort of Hypervenom mold, the Visaro is a boot built for players that want to create and make chances.

Both version drop for $180 and are currently available at soccer.com.

NB Visaro Serene Green


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