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New Balance Release Limited Edition Visaro and Furon Prototypes

Blackout Visaro Whiteout Furon

You might recall the Blackout and Whiteout New Balance boots that existed before we knew what the brand was all about. Well, just over a year since their debut on pitches, NB has decided to release some limited edition, “original” prototype, Black and White Visaro and Furon.

The limited edition boots will give a select number of players around the world the chance to own the original boots that saw New Balance burst onto the soccer scene. They embody the journey that New Balance has already made within the game, bringing classic styles to complement the existing colorways offered.

Available from



And in case you were wondering, both boots are built with the same technology the same technology, with a clean and pure design to help those attack minded players who ‘Make Chances’ and ‘Take Chances’. This is an opportunity for players to attain an exclusive boot with unique style and exceptional performance, tailored to their game!

If you are going to ask us to choose our favorite New Balance boot, it most definitely is the Visaro and the Blackout version seen above. It has a nice feel, great shape and fits the mold of a control style boot real well. To the touch, there is obviously enough material to reduce impact and provide a padded feel, which for a boot that weighs in at 7.7oz is awfully impressive. Built in a sort of Hypervenom mold, the Visaro is a boot built for players that want to create and make chances.

Both limited edition boots drop for $180 and are currently available at

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