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New Balance 442 Breakdown and Full Colors Released

NB 442 Colorways

It has been a few months since the latest edition of the New Balance 442 was gently released to market. We say gently because they really didn’t get a proper market introduction, instead they sort of just dropped in behind the initial version of the heritage style boot. They fall true to their name, providing a simple yet effective level of performance. No, they won’t blow you away, but they are the type of boot you can take right out of the box and comfortably into play.

When you do a search for NB 442, there are a lot of boots and colorways that show up, and honestly it proves to be very confusing. So, here is a breakdown of what boots are on offer and what it is you are seeing!

First thing of note, there are two versions of the 442 currently available. The 442 Pro version features a k-leather upper, an extended tongue and retails for $119.99. Then there is the 442 Team version built using a calf leather, with straight ankle cut tongue and a retail price of $89.99.

Then there is the two different sizes available in each version; a regular and a wide fit. The wide fit proves to be a great option for players that are in need of a little extra room in their boots, with the bonus of a leather upper also providing a little extra stretch through wear.

And as you might expect, they very much fall in line with the likes of the Nike Premier and adidas Gloro. You get a similar, traditional style upper that sits on a simplistic low-profile soleplate with conical studs. The entire package is ideal as an option for players that value comfort, and they come with the bonus of having multi-function across FG and AG surfaces.

Finally, there are all the new colorways, available in a wild new variety of shades. We don’t usually see a brand release so many different colors at one time, so that in itself makes this somewhat of a unique drop. Black, Blue, Green, Red and a classy White – some of the more prominent and influential colors used on boots we have seen in the past. And remember that each version is available in Team, Pro, Regular and Wide fits – we have made it easy to find each individual pair through the links listed under each colorway below!

NB 442 black


NB 442 Blue


NB 442 green


NB 442 red


NB 442 white


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