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How wide fitting is the New Balance Furon v6 2E Wide?

New Balance Furon v6 wide

How wide fitting is the New Balance Furon v6 2E Wide?

Over the past few months, I’ve been desperately trying to get my hands on both of New Balance latest wide fitting boot options, Tekela and Furon. Finally, I was able to secure a pair of Furon v6 2E wide, but have been left absolutely baffled since they arrived in.

Why? Because they absolutely don’t fit wide, I hate to be blunt but there is no other way to put it. If anything, they are slightly narrower than the standard issue Furon v6 release. The same is true when compared to the Furon V5. Note that this is an opinion that comes from firsthand personal experience with each version, I’ve even worn both over the past few days to really get a good comparison. The ;abel inside has them listed as a 2E. I went as far as contacting New Balance directly to make sure the pair I received was not some sort of mislabel. Or to get some feedback on what the fit was supposed to represent. But, they never followed up with a response. Thus, I can only go with first hand experience and feel it is necessary to warn players that they don’t fit as wide as some might expect.

Here are both boots side by side – Furon regular in Red and Furon 2E wide in Black. I’ll let you guys decide your own take from these pics.

New Balance Furon Wide Fit Comparison

New Balance Furon Wide Fit Side Comparison

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  1. I just found this post today and thought I'd leave a quick comment. I have tried dozens of NB boots in regular and wide fit and purchased several, in both widths, and the one common factor is that NB has very inconsistent sizing in width, length, and volume. Your 'wide' boots being narrower than a 'regular' width doesn't surprise me at all. The latest boots are fantastic quality and value…but the sizing!?!?

  2. i found the same exact issue with the v5's. i had regular fit and "wide" fit at the same time and in comparison saw no difference in width

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