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New Balance Tekela V3 Pro “Ignite Hype” Pack

New Balance Tekela V3 Pro Ignite Hype

For those interested in the New Balance Tekela V3 Pro, we just spotted that the Ignite Hype version was on sale and wanted to share the details. But better yet, we actually have a special edition pair in hand that was sent over by New Balance a few weeks back.

Packaged in a specialized box that highlights the packs color palette on the outside, you get a real sense of how serious New Balance is with this release. It makes sense that they would want to really emphasize the quality and tech advanced features of their first ever laceless boot. The New Balance design team really went to work on creating a cutting-edge type upper that would elevate touch and control on the ball. What they came up with is a redesigned, algorithm-driven KINETIC STITCH technology. It is intended to deliver high-resolution touch with a graduated strike zone for ultimate control and contact accuracy.

On foot, it plays out well although the overall composition seems thicker than a traditional synthetic. Don’t expect a natural touch with plenty of feel. Instead, you get a material and texture that compliments cushioned touch and added rebound in strike areas. Ultimately, there is a lot of undulation and definition that places it comfortably right into the control/power category.

New Balance Tekela Laceless Ignite Hype

New Balance Tekela V3 Pro Ignite Hype Upper

New Balance Tekela V3 Pro Ignite Hype Heel

New Balance Tekela V3 Pro Ignite Hype Soleplate

New Balance Tekela V3 Pro Blue FG

How do they Fit?

This is obviously a very important piece of the puzzle, especially if you have to order without having an opportunity to try them on first. These are a definite true to size option, with a little extra space around your toes. So, no fears of your toes being squashed up against the upper. One important note is that it takes a minute to get your feet into them – pretty much the same experience you get with laceless boots. The collar is very tight, so you need a shoe horn to help squeeze your foot in through the opening. There is also a strap layer that sits just inside the boot – make sure to move it to the side so it doesn’t get caught up in your toes!

“This pack marks the moment that young players breakthrough onto the pitch and start making their own hype. Now, show us your hype!”

Right now, the Tekela Pro “Ignite Hype” version is on sale for $149.99, which is the best price we have seen on this colorway to date. The original retail price is $209.99.

Check out all of the available Tekela V3 Pro colorways at soccer.com.

NB Tekela V3 Ignite Hype

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