Saturday , October 31 2020

Under Armour

Unboxing the Soccer Specific Under Armour Clutchfit Force

UA ClutchFit

Over the past few seasons, we have some several innovative releases come from the innovators at Under Armour. This latest edition, the UA ClutchFit Force, features a performance microfiber upper that offers two-way stretch capabilities and work with the symmetrical lace system to provide an unprecedented contoured fit and feel …

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This Summer’s Top Running Shoe For Soccer Players

Running in Under Armour

Behind the scenes, I get to test out a lot of running shoes and I’m always looking for the right ones to recommend for soccer players to use during off-field fitness. This summer, I’ve got to try out a number of shoes from the likes of Adidas, Nike, Asics and …

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Under Armour Spine Blur Carbon III Review

UA Blur Carbon III

Under Armour are back with another extremely futuristic, space-age looking design and this one also packs an extremely lightweight punch. The UA Spine Blur Carbon III is a boot full of flair and some quite unique angles – yes, I said angles. There are certain things about this boot that …

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Under Armour 10K Force Pro in Capri/Blaze Orange

If there was an award for the most outlandish colorway release of the year, I think Under Armour would win for this rendition of the UA 10K Force Pro. Not only does the boot hold several key performance upgrades, but the mix of Capri Blue and Blaze Orange leave it …

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Under Armour 10K Force Pro II Review

CoreSpeed Soleplate

With each new release, it seems like Under Armour are becoming more accustomed to the soccer footwear market. Take for example this latest release, the UA 10K Force Pro II. This is one of the latest power boots on the market, or what UA describe as a power boot. I’m …

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Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro II Review

UA Hydrastrike II Upper

If there is one company on the market that are headed in the right direction, Under Armour tops the bill and this UA Hydrastike Pro II release pays homage to that fact! Right from the moment they arrived, I could tell that the changes UA implemented on this release were …

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Just Arrived: Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro II

UA Hydrastrike Upper

Without having the opportunity to announce their release on SoccerCleats101, the Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro II just arrived in for testing. What is even better is the fact that this White/Yellow/Midnight colorway is making its US debut right here! UA has implemented several key changes on this boot from the …

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Under Armour 10K Force Pro II Released

Under Armour welcome a new boot to the market in the form of the lightweight 10K Force Pro II. The concept behind this release is simple – they are a comfortable, speed boot that combines the traction and precision for on-field perfection with the foot-forming cushioning of a running shoe. Kicking …

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Under Armour Blur Pro in Black/Bolt

A while back, I had the opportunity to test out the new Under Armour Blur Pro in the Metallic Silver/Velocity/Black colorway. Well, recently I also managed to get my hands on the Black/Volt colorway and figured they were worth highlighting. The Black upper matched with Volt detailing is modern and …

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Talking Under Armour Blur With Jason Garey

In the last few weeks, you might have spotted our review of Under Armour’s latest advanced releases – the Blur Pro and the Hydrastrike. Both boots tested well and offer something new to the market – something that is always welcomed. Since UA already own a huge share of US …

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Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro Review

UA Hydrastrike Image

Under Armour is a company that continues to seek out new cutting edge technology to helps improve player performance. This latest release, the Under Armour Hydrastrike, takes on the challenge of moisture control. The concept is that if your feet are dry, you have better control. The bulk of technology …

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Under Armour Blur Pro Review

Under Armour Blur

Over the past 2 years, something is quite apparent about Under Armour – they are a company that is not holding back with their releases! Making a statement with bold releases can be hit or miss, and be the difference between a company making it or folding. Under Armour are …

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Just Arrived: UA Hyrdastrike and Blur

The latest set of boots to arrive come compliments of Under Armour, in the form of the all new Hydrastrike and Blur. The Hydrastrike comes in a White/Toxic/Black, while the Blur comes in a Metallic Silver/Velocity. The image above really doesn’t do them justice – click on it to get …

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Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro Released

Under Armour are back with another pretty classic looking design – the UA Hydrastrike. I have to admit that every time UA releases a new boot, I become more impressed, and I honestly think they have what it takes to really start gaining a piece of the market. As an …

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