Saturday , February 24 2024

Under Armour

Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro Review

UA Hydrastrike Image

Under Armour is a company that continues to seek out new cutting edge technology to helps improve player performance. This latest release, the Under Armour Hydrastrike, takes on the challenge of moisture control. The concept is that if your feet are dry, you have better control. The bulk of technology …

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Under Armour Blur Pro Review

Under Armour Blur

Over the past 2 years, something is quite apparent about Under Armour – they are a company that is not holding back with their releases! Making a statement with bold releases can be hit or miss, and be the difference between a company making it or folding. Under Armour are …

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Just Arrived: UA Hyrdastrike and Blur

The latest set of boots to arrive come compliments of Under Armour, in the form of the all new Hydrastrike and Blur. The Hydrastrike comes in a White/Toxic/Black, while the Blur comes in a Metallic Silver/Velocity. The image above really doesn’t do them justice – click on it to get …

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Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro Released

Under Armour are back with another pretty classic looking design – the UA Hydrastrike. I have to admit that every time UA releases a new boot, I become more impressed, and I honestly think they have what it takes to really start gaining a piece of the market. As an …

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Under Armour Blur in Capri/Fusion Released

The recently released Under Armour Blur is now available in a more colorful colorway. By colorful, this Capri/Fusion/White is just down right bright and it sends a very bold statement from Under Armour. Having kept their initial Blur releases simple, UA is stepping it up by taking a risk with …

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Under Armour Blur Pro Released

This past week, we were introduced to a new speed category addition – the Under Armour Blur Pro. Under Armour are relatively new to the soccer market, but they have made an impact in that short space of time. The Dominate and Create Pro found plenty of success and UA …

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Under Armour Create Pro II

Under Armour continue to mark their name on the market with another bold looking release – the UA Create Pro II. Again, UA have created a very unique looking boot that holds completely different properties to any other boot on the market.The biggest difference lies in the use of a …

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New Orleans Saints Kicked to Victory by Under Armour!

As you might be aware, the New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl February 7th by beating the Indiana Colts. Yes I am talking American Football! Something you might not have been aware of is the fact that Saints Kicker Garrett Hartley created Super Bowl history by making three …

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Reader Feedback and the UA Dominate

Recently, I received a pretty nice email from Taylor, who I had spoke to on a previous occasion using our ‘Olark’ instant messenger, located on our website. Olark is a free live chat service that allows a website owner the opportunity to talk to website visitors as they browse your website. I …

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Under Armour: Creating the Range

If you were wondering how serious Under Armour are about cracking the soccer market, just check out this great video entitled Making Of Under Armour Football Boots that comes thanks to Recently, we had the unique opportunity to talk to Alex Chater, the Senior Manager at Under Armour soccer, …

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Under Armour Create Review

The second release in Under Armour’s attack on the soccer market is the Under Armour Create soccer cleat. At first glance, the Create is very different to any other cleat in the market, with Under Armour definitely stamping their style on the cleat. Technology is something that UA have placed …

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Under Armour Dominate Review

One of the newest companies to enter the soccer cleat market is Under Armour. There is no doubting that UA has a stranglehold in the top US sporting markets (Baseball and American Football) but the big question lies in whether or not they gain a piece of the soccer industry. …

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