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LA Galaxy’s 3rd Kit – The Fans Jersey

In last weekend’s LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake MLS matchup, I was thrown for  a loop with the unusual kit worn by the LA Galaxy. After doing some digging, I found we at soccercleats101 had missed one of the more interesting MLS kit launches of the summer. For this …

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Time For A New Pair Of Boots?

Soccer Shoe Sale

It is that time of year, when everyone is looking forward to getting involved in the upcoming fall season of soccer. For most, it is the key part of their year and thus new boots are an absolute MUST. With that in mind, I’ve pieced together a short list of …

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The Boot Report – New Season, New Cleats!

The Boot Report - Weekly

Welcome to an all new segment on SoccerCleats101 called “The Boot Report”. Going forward, this is the spot you will want to read when wondering what boots players are currently wearing or what is going on in the world of boots in general. It is a mix of whats being …

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The Glove Life – What Gloves am I Wearing?

Perez Save

So, now that I am signed on with this well-oiled machine that is SoccerCleats101, it probably is of the utmost importance that I let you all know what gloves I wear! When I began playing soccer again, I did not know that it would turn into a sort of profession, …

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Best XI by Brand – Team Adidas

How do you find out what the best brand in soccer is? Of course it is hard to tell by their product, as everyone has their own preferences.  But what about by the players?  It is easier to pick the best players because it is hard to argue with in-game …

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Warrior Gambler S-Lite SG Review

Warrior Gambler S-Lite

In order to make a name in the market, you need to grab the attention of players and that is exactly the strategy Warrior Sports has taken with this new release. The Warrior Gambler is a definite control boot that comes with the slogan “Deal With It”. Since the release …

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Adidas Copa Mundial Samba Collection

Copa Samba Collection featured

Released in 1979 and specifically designed for the 1982 FIFA World Cup, the aptly named Adidas Copa Mundial has done much more than survive over the last 34 years. The Copa has aged magnificently and has been subject to only a few minor changes throughout it’s reign as the best …

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Name Those Boots – Adidas F50 adiZero Giveaway

Do you think you know your boots? I still have a few pairs of Adidas F50 adiZero up for giveaway, so here is a fun, slightly challenging test of your boot knowledge. Above are 6 different uppers from boots that have been released on the market over the past few …

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What Cleats Would They Wear? Comic Book Edition

Superhero Boots

The concept for this article came about when I got strep a few weeks back. The fever coupled with heavy duty medication kinda put my head through a trip. During this time many random thoughts came to my mind. One of them was “What cleats would superheroes wear if they …

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WSS “Countdown to Kickoff” Sale!

WSS Countdown to Kickoff featured

I am slightly late on this one considering the games kicked off today, but if anyone is in need of a new pair of boots this weekend you can get 15% off any order at WorldSoccerShop through Sunday night. This is one of those deals that you are going to …

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Goalkeepers – We Now Have A Section Just For You!

Perez Save

Note from Bryan: One of my goals with SoccerCleats101 has always been to provide you guys with top quality and unbiased information on soccer products. Unfortunately, I am not a goalkeeper – so trying to feed you guys with info on gloves and the right boots to wear would be …

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Diadora Cambio PU Just Arrived and Unboxed

Diadora Cambio Featured

A few months back, we brought you exclusive details on a new boot that Diadora was bringing to the market, the Cambio PU. Well, they have almost arrived in the US -we are one of the first with a pair – so we thought it would be worth giving you …

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