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Colorways that Match Nike International Jerseys

Brasil World Cup Kits

As of late, the World Cup build up has been astonishing. There are less than 100 days remaining until kick-off, and we have been treated to a bit of everything recently. We have seen boots such as the Magista and the Primeknit revealed. Plans for the Primeknit FS Concept were also released to add to the mix. Many World Cup Jerseys have been revealed, and there is still much more in store. So to add to the build-up, we bring you a comprehensive guide to which boot colorways match Nike international jerseys. Please note that the boot colorways are not limited to the same brand, and to match certain world cup jerseys we brought back past colorways and models.

france away world cup and maestri reflective

France- Nike CTR360 Reflective

The France Away kit that will be worn in the World Cup has tonal gray stripes over the solid white color. The shorts are also navy blue. The reflective version of the Nike CTR360 is a great match with the France kit, especially because it features a similar gray striped design on the reflective area. The blue used on the soleplate and the collar also slightly matches the blue used on the shorts. With many of their stars (Cabaye, Pogba, Sakho) invested in the CTR360 range that will soon become the Magista range, I hope that we see a Magista colorway that matches the French kit. Also, be sure to check out the Nike Premier World Cup collection, as there are specific colorways for France, England, and Brazil.

warrior gambler with away nike usa kit

USA- Warrior Gambler

The first thing I thought of when I saw the latest Warrior Gambler colorway was how well it would pair with the USA jersey. The fresh blue/red seem to be designed for wear with the away kit. The blue/dark blue combination also works really well with the blue of the current away kit. And with a white sole plate with touches of red added in, it’s the perfect colorway for any American. Note that the World Cup Away Kit is yet to be released, so pictured is the current away kit.

messi f50 older with croatian jersey

Croatia- Messi F50

Croatia’s home jersey resembles a red and white checkered tablecloth that was turned into a shirt. It brings in mixed reviews, but personally, I find it to be an awesome design. It stands out on the pitch and will bring excitement to the many viewers that tune it to watch Croatia in the World Cup. Its checkered design means that a boot with a mixed red and white colorway would fit it best. The older F50 Messi (Play the Messi Way) has an abstract flow that includes a predominant red or white color, depending on which way you look at it. The sleek design’s blend of the two colors gives off the illusion of a checkered design, which matches up with the jersey.

Strootman Ctr360 Maestri III Orange

Netherlands- Ctr360 Maestri

The Netherland’s new bold orange kit celebrates the 125th anniversary of the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association). The simple but pleasing orange-white-orange design also has a lion as its crest to symbolize the team’s core values of simplicity, honor, and unity. Both the release colorway of the Nike Tiempo V and the many orange colorways of the CTR360 would suit this kit nicely. However, I felt that the Total Orange/Atomic Orange colorway was the closest match. Nike definitely likes the orange colorways, because they keep releasing them!

tiempo legend iii with portugal home kit

Portugal- Nike Tiempo Legend III

The Portugal Home Kit has a unique fade design. A dark red transforms into a darker maroon shade as you descend from the shoulders to the socks. The graphic stripes are supposed to give off the illusions of speed and exhilaration. The burgundy colorway used on the Tiempo Legend III would best correspond with the color scheme of this kit. The color would match nicely with the solid maroon socks and shorts. Honestly, I love the look of this older colorway, and it’s sad to say that we haven’t seen any similar designs recently.

nike mercurial 06 colorway with brazil home kit

hypervenom phantom hyper blue with brazil away kit

Brazil- Nike Hypervenom/Mercurial

Because they are the home nation, Brazil deserves two colorway matches, one for home and one for away. Their home kit blends tradition with culture, and the final product will definitely stand out. The newly released “Fast Forward 06” Mercurial colorway brings back visual elements from the 2006 edition. Its green/yellow fade is also a great fit for the Brazilian Home kit. The design is supposed to commemorate an iconic summer for the Brazilian Ronaldo and the Mercurial Range, so it’s no surprise its a great match with their home kit! For the away kit, the new Hyper Blue Hypervenom Phantom is arguably one of the best colorways for the Hypervenom range we have seen. The blue on the kit and the boot are the same shade, and the volt of the boots match the crest. Hopefully, Nike will release a similar colorway so Neymar’s world cup boots can match his Brazilian away kit.

What other countries would you like to see featured? Let us know in the comments below!

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