Thursday , October 29 2020

Diadora Maximus II Released in Red/White Colorway

Diadora have just released the latest version in their Maximus II RTX colorway. The Maximus II range has been getting great reviews in terms of performance and comfort. The newest version features comes in a dominant whitediadora-maximus with a red ‘V’ shape that runs across the front of the boot. The ‘V’ shape represents the trademark Diadora symbol (just as Nike has the Swoosh). It branches off where the laces end, with one leg moving across the front of the cleat, while the other goes straight down. But there is a lot more to it than that just being Diadora’s trademark symbol. Diadora have strategically placed the ‘V’ on the cleat so that it intersect the strike zone. It is actually created using ‘Touch Control’ to enhance first touch. It feels like a really slick type of rubber, but helps with first contact on the ball.

Another unique aspect to the Diadora Maximus II range is Axeler Ti technology with Nanoflex. This is an innovative material that combines titanium and molybdenum components to help create stability along the sole and heel area of the cleat. Axeler’s re-engineered shape and materials provide greater spring-back elasticity, therefore, increasing flex and reactivity. The wider base of Axeler distributes pressure more efficiently throughout the foot.

The Maximas II range Is priced at $175, and is currently available at

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