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Recommended Solution for Heel injuries

Many times as a full time athlete in college and as a professional athlete, I found myself with heel and sole pain that I could not shake off. One particular instance was back in college when I landed square on my heel after jumping for a header. I suffered from severe bruising right along the sole of my foot. It took weeks/months for the injury to actually heal as I was constantly moving and running on it. At the time, the athletic trainer gave me a padded insert for my cleats and running shoes, but it never helped with the pain.

Recently I had a similar injury when an opposing player swiped at me from behind, catching my square on the heel. It was a similar pain to what I experienced in college so I decided this time round to find something that would actually ease the pain.  After doing some research on the internet, I found the home page of a product called Heel That Pain.  Their website was very detailed and had many impressive testimonies of people who had success with the product. The information was very persuasive, so I decided to try them out. Here is a general outline of how they work:

Heel That Pain

So, after 3-4 weeks of wearing them my heel feels a lot better, and I continue to wear the ‘Heel That Pain’ insert! From the beginning they were easy to wear and took the pressure off my heal. Another dramatic improvement I have noticed is in my posture. The shape of the insert helps elevate my arch, and in doing so helps me walk a lot smoother and with a straight back. The price of the ‘Heel That Pain’ leaves me in no doubt that it is a worthwhile purchase for anyone suffering from foot pain – they retail for around $25, and are available on Amazon.

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