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Heel Pain Solution for Athletes - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Heel Pain Solution for Athletes

As a soccer player, I have fallen to heel pain and foot injuries on several occasions. A few months back, IHeel that Pain banner featured a post on Recommended Solution for Heel injuries where I detailed a product that worked for me while I was a college athlete and playing daily, Heel that Pain. Well recently, I went back to wearing the inserts as I started to suffer from painful fallen arches. Testing cleats is often pretty harsh on my feet and I find myself changing between cleats every few days. About 4 weeks ago, it finally caught up with me! Since I still had the Heel that Pain inserts, I grabbed them from my sportsbag and put them in my shoes. What a great decision that turned out to me. Right now, my feet are back on track and I am again wearing my cleats and shoes without having to use the insert. Success second time around. I will be keeping them handy as I know I will be needing them again in the near future. For any athlete, these are a great choice and have helped a lot of people I know.

If you are suffering from heel pain or injury, Heel that Pain sells for $24.99, which is a great deal, and in my opinion it is well worth the investment for anybody suffering. They also offer free shipping over $30 and each pair has a 120-day return policy.

Heel that Pain

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  1. Chester Goodwin here. Can these be used for running shoes too? Or just cleats?

  2. Hey Chester,

    These inserts fit nicely in all footwear (except sandals!). I wore them in all shoes/sneakers/cleats that I wore while I was suffereing from fallen arches and they were just as comfortable!

  3. Chester here again. Is Heel That Pain compatible with the Nike Berry cleats?

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