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Weekend Tournament and Mizuno’s in Action.

I had an opportunity to play in a 3 day tournament this past Labor day weekend with my team Doxa Italia. In the process, I got to test out a bunch of different soccer cleats on several different playing surfaces. Take for example the Puma V1.10 SL, which I got to test on a soft and hard surface (there were many different fields in use). The V1.10 SL worked out to be my preferred choice for the weekend and I ended up wearing them in the final. I love the weight and their overall feel on the field. So far, they have stood up really well, offered enough protection to get me through games unscathed and have comfortable throughout. Good job Puma.

Doxa Italia1

I also wore the Adidas adizero Hybrid in two games, on a very soft surface where it worked out extremely well, and on a firm to hard surface where the results were not so positive – they are not designed for a harder type surface as you would have anticipated, the insole felt extremely solid and uncomfortable under my feet. And the final pair I wore were the ever classic looking Pele Sports 1970, which I wore on a soft surface. They worked out to be very comfortable and they felt extremely comfortable to strike a ball in.

As a heads-up, I don’t recommend testing different boots on different surfaces over the course of one weekend. Swapping between boots can cause discomfort and foot problems. In my case, it is a great opportunity to learn more about each boot and how they perform in different conditions.

Finally, one of my Japanese buddies on the team, Masa, broke out some pretty sweet pairs of Mizuno’s that he purchased in Japan. He chose to wear his Mizuno Morelia II cleats over the weekend (as seen below), leaving his pair of pretty deadly Wave Ignitus in the bag. He wore the FG version of the Morelia on both a soft and firm ground without any problems (so it seemed), although he did suffer a blow to the nose from someones stray elbow! In my opinion, they are a great looking traditional boot and after checking them out in person I can see why they are so popular in Asia.

Mizuno Morelia II

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  1. may i add that even though mizuno are very good brand in asia and popular too. they are not evenly distributed and at times, its very hard to get them, especially for my country =) but none the less, the morelia is the more popular choices for players here!

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