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Messi vs Ronaldo - Who You Got? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Messi vs Ronaldo – Who You Got?

Messi vs RonaldoBarcelona and Real Madrid are set to clash for the 3rd time in 2 weeks tomorrow, with Real holding the advantage. There is no doubting, however, that this clash (and next weeks 2nd leg) will be seen as the most important for both teams. If anyone thought Barca were unstoppable this season, Real Madrid’s Copa Del Rey win last week certainly put a new spin on things! Will Barca get revenge or will Real Madrid prove that Jose Mourinho really is the “Special one”?

The biggest battle of course will be the Messi vs Ronaldo battle. Not only is there hot debate on which player is actually better, but both wear different footwear – Messi/Adidas F50 adiZero and Ronaldo/Nike Superfly Safari.

Comment below and let me know what you think the outcome of the two leg affair will be and who will perform better: Messi or Ronaldo? What will the final score be and how will each player play over the 90 minutes? I will reward the most accurate and in-depth commenter with a small surprise!

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  1. Ronaldo is the best player who ever lived!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  2. MESSI, no flash all beast.

  3. Messi will perform better. He is the more silent one of them. He seems to be better at accepting defeat, but he will not let this sit on him. Of all world class players he is the most constant one and so he will unleash his fury to bring a top performance which no defence or goalkeeper can stop. He is going to score two goals and set another one up, which will make him man of the match, while Ronaldo has to suffer a loss although he will shoot one goal and make one assist.
    The second leg is going to bring Real Madrid back to buisness, but in the end Mourinho has to bow down once again for maybe the best team that ever stepped on a soccer field, Barcelona.
    Whas up!

  4. Messi is going to smack that actress and send her crying back to the powder room.

  5. Angelo Guastella

    i think real madrid will win 2-1. both ronaldo and messi will score 1 goal

  6. Messi will perform better. The defeat @ the Copa Del Rey fina; hit Messi the hardest; he will be determined to give the fans and players of Real Madrid the same shame he felt as he lost the Copa del Rey Final. The final will be 2-0 Barca, with Messi with one goal and one assist. With revenge in his heart, Messi will be determined to show that he really is the best player in the world.

    CR7 will have 2 shots on goal, but won't be able to put the team on his back like he did as Real Madrid won the Copa Del Rey. He will walk off the field shamed.

  7. Barca will take this one 3-1. Messi will pick up 2 goals with no assists and will play amazing. Ronaldo will play well and pick up an assist on Real Madrid's only goal. However this will be Messi's and Barcelona's day.

  8. neither are going to do as well as they usually do because they will be so closely guarded, but messi will score in the second half and it will be a "thing of beauty"

  9. ¡Viva Barça!
    In the first half, neither team will score, but with close chances from both Di Maria, Cristiano, and Messi. There will be a substitution into the second half from Real, with either Ozil going in if he's in the subs, or with Adebayor. There will be more chances, but now with Barcelona in full gear of Tiki Taka Futbol, and with Real doing counter plays whenever Barca lose possession. Then, Barca will score with less than 20 minutes on the clock. After all, Lionel Messi is the Batman!

  10. Barcelone will win 3-2 on aggregate with the 1st leg ending up tied at 1-1 but Barcelona will win the 2nd leg 2-1. Real Madrid will play tentatively and look to counter in the 1st leg. Barcelona will dominate possesion as usual but Madrid will try and counter at all opportunities. Barcelona will score first and then Real Madrid late in the 2nd half. Villa will score for Barcelona and Higuain will score for Madrid in the 1st leg. Messi and Ronaldo will both look lively and be the center of attention but Messi will dominate in the 2nd leg and score one of the two goals for Barcelona with Villa scoring the other for Barcelona. Ronaldo will be effective and be a spark for Real Madrid by getting an assist on the goal with Ozil finishing it off.

  11. I have to give the advantage to Barcelona, I agree that real madrid is indeed an insane powerhouse of forwards, but I think that overall Barcelona is more balanced and that they will be able to pull out the win. I say that it'll be Messi scoring in the first half, and then Ozil at the end of the second, then David Villa in the middle of the second half for the win. I think it'll be very close overall.

  12. Will like to see a United vs. Madrid finale.

    The first leg will be a draw. Both teams will work hard. Barcelona will retain possession, but might tweak their plans a bit. Expect Casillas to make some good saves.

    Second leg: 1-0 Madrid? Ronaldo likely to score but will be tightly marked. Messi will focus more on assists.

  13. <3 new safari superflys<3

  14. i honestly think that barca will win this leg! i think it will be a very close and exciting game it will be very close and both teams will play good . in the first half barca will dominate posession( as always) but real will try to coiunter as much as possible. messi will score a great goal in the first half. ozil will get the equalizer but messi will get a great assist to david villa within 20 nminutest till the end to finish real off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    viva la barca!

  15. Barcelona is going to win the first leg. 1-0 is my guess Messi getting the assist for a Villa goal. It will be a low scoring game since Real Madrid runs a 4-2-3-1 a very defensive formation. In the second round they will tie. 1-1 Ronaldo scoring and Ozil getting the assist. Messi will score for barca with a pedro assist for the Barca goal. I think Barcelona will go to the UCL Finals because Barcelona has a drive to win and they can do that whenever they feel they need to. They were confident going into the Last Real game and they lost. But I don't expect high scoring games. Both coaches wont be sending their whole team forward to score it will be very cautious legs and i cant wait to watch them.

  16. I am more of a madrid man personally, and if mourinho gets the defensive party spot on like in the final then madrid will get benzema or ronaldo in the break. I dont think messi has scored enough great goals this season compared to 2 years ago.

  17. Adrian Sokolewicz

    I think that the first leg will end in a 1-1 draw with goals scored by ronaldo and xavi. In the first game I believe Ronaldo will play better and Messi will have an off day with a lot of missed oppurtunities, while Ronaldo finishes one of his few chances. The second leg will be dominated by Messi and Barca and Messi will scored along with David Villa and Barcelona will win 2-0. I believe Messi will dominate that game and Barcelona will have about 75% possession with Ronaldo getting few touches on the ball.

  18. no ronaldo will score a hatrick of headers then messi will cry

  19. I think barca will win both legs aggregate 5-1. At the bernebeau barca will just manage to win 1-0 but at nou camp messi will rule as barca will crush real madrid 4-1

  20. With Iniesta ruled out of the first leg, Messi will not have the distribution he likes, but will still control the game. Ronaldo will see less of the ball, but will terrorize the injury-filled Barcelona defense when he has it.

  21. Messi is so much better. He is definitely more of a team player and he is more gifted. Ronaldo is more of a drama queen.

  22. ronaldo i s the best player in the world right now

  23. And it's decided!!!!!!!
    All goals from Messi!!!!
    ¡Viva Barçelona!

    • Yeah buddy. Thats how Barca do it. So what we lost the Copa Del Rey, now we have a great chance to win the Champions League and be Kings of Europe! Messi was quiet with David Villa having looking the Most Likely to score but then Messi started to tear apart the defence. Then the most unexpected player of the night helped put Barca in front in the 76th minute. Ibrahim Arfellay made a simple move to the outside of Marcelo and put a precise pass to Messi who slotted it home through Casillas' legs. Then a simple lead pass from Xavi to Messi allowed Messi to run pass the entire Madrid defence and score a finisher for the night. Barcelona Will have the advantage not only on Aggregate but Sergio Ramos is out for the next match as is Pepe who got a straight red card for a bad challenge. Barca have to careful as well though because if Victor Valdes were to get injured then we would have our third string Goal Keeper in the net because Jose Pinto got a red card at half time. That would be bad. Anyway going to celebrate by purchasing my new boots! "Viva Barca" and we are "Mes Que Un Club"

      • Not only that though, we're also on our home turf now, Nou Camp. All we have to do is play some tiki taka and there's no way we can lose. Iniesta will be back, and so our Midfield will be complete once again. I can already see a replay of the finals of 2009's UEFA Cup coming our way….I don't see the Red Devils being able to put up more of a fight than Real. I just hope next week's game is a little smoother, with less diving from both parties. And as for Afellay, all I can say is I'm excited to see what the Dutch Man can do…another creative midfielder to use.

  24. The best in the world "Messi"

  25. Congratulations to Barca for making the finals.

  26. Funny how Messi is wearing all nike kit and Ronaldo is wearing adidas kit. They should change shoes.

  27. It's not even a competition anymore… Messi's the best in the world!

  28. messi is best

  29. cristano ronaldo is the best player in the world my biggest dream is to become a famous soccer player and play with cristano ronaldo he is my best buddy in the world.

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