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Who Gets Your Vote? Nike Vapor Safari…..

**Update ** Voting has closed and the winner of the giveaway is: Kevin B
2nd Place (Nike5 Elastico Pro): Andrew
3rd Place (Puma Liga): Eric E

Congrats guys – send me an email ([email protected]) so I can get your details.

Whoah, again what a terrific response to a giveaway! Trying to narrow over 200 entries down to just 5 is absolutely impossible, so I settled on 10 finalists (even though here were another 10 right on the cusp. For those of you that missed out, stay tuned for another absolutely awesome giveaway coming up this weekend. Trust me, it will be a good one! But for now, leave your vote below and help someone else win.

Since the response was so fantastic, I am adding a 2nd (Nike5 Elastico Pro)  and 3rd (Puma Liga Finale Sala) place prize!

Rules are simple – most votes gets the Nike Vapor VI Safari! All of the responses are listed below – pick the person who you think should win. Voting is open until 7pm PST tomorrow night. Best of luck – and email me if you have any questions ([email protected])

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(And, in case you are wondering, the voting system alerts me if there is any suspicious voting going on!)

John (Puma V1.10 SL review)
“This is where I felt the V1.10 SL excelled. Since these are designed for speed players, touch and control are going to be the more important attributes needed. And Puma have not disappointed. The upper, although thin, gives great feel on the ball. It also has a slight grip feel that I noticed helped with touch. I have to admit, these are probably one of my favorite boots for dribbling in” I found this very cool. I have been debating whether to get the Puma v1.10 sl forever and you showed me the light. I’m not exactly fast but with these cleats i can still use my skills to get by defenders that much easier. Earlier on in the review you pointed out the size difference and you were right. All around you were right that even though they are light they don’t affect your dribbling. I just like how you give it to us straight.

Steve (Nike Vapor VI review)
Nike Mercurial Vapor VI Review: “The color is pretty funky, but it serves its purpose on the field and grows on you, but there will be some slagging involved from your teammates!” I found this funny as one of my son’s teammates pulled out these violet pair of boots before training and took loads of stick from the team. The referee, before kick off, even jokingly threatened to book him for hurting his eyes.

Eric (e-boy) (Nike T90 Laser III review)
My favourite quote would be from your review of the Nike Laser III. You were talking about the ‘pods’ on the side of the boot and said, “Do they distribute pressure? I can’t confirm this, as that seems like more of a scientific question.” I must admit, this line made me laugh. Of course they distribute pressure! Nike said so! And we believe everything Nike says because we are mindless consumers. (slight sarcasm intended….)

Drew L (Nike Mercurial Miracle review)
“There are going to be a lot of people who snub these as a poor man’s boot, I probably would have myself before having the opportunity to test them. After several training sessions and 3 games, I can tell you that they do perform at the highest level.” I’m in college and like most my age, money is a definite issue. I have been playing soccer at a competitive level and have been looking for ways to enhance my game without blowing the budget. The Miracle’s came to my rescue. At first, I was hesitant to splurge in Nike’s “poor mans boot,” but after reading your review, I grew confident these cleats. They are the X factor I have been searching for and best of all they wont have me spending my months rent for a new pair of cleats.

Brandonb (Nike Vapor VI review)
“They felt that Violet stood out more than any other color on a green pitch, giving it the added benefit of allowing other players to notice you more easily thanks to your cleats. Does it work? Unfortunately it does,” I love this quote. In the modern game flashy shoes are cool, but the classic all black kangaroo leather shoes of the past are now dying out. Shoes these days are built with more gimmicks than ever. I love this quote based on the fact that you showed how much you disliked wearing purple Vapor VIs, even though apparently they helped your game.

Andrew (Mizuno Morelia review)
“Before starting this review, I want to pay full respect to those affected by the recent earthquake, Tsunami and current nuclear issues in Japan – you are in our thoughts and prayers. The lives of those affected is far more important than any website or soccer cleat review, and I sincerely hope the country can get back on its feet real soon. Whether you read this review today or in a few months, Japan will need financial support – one way to give back is to buy a Soccer Japan t-shirt, of which 100% of proceeds go to relief efforts.” For me, Brian, this has been your best quote. Reminds us all that there’s a little bit more to life than football or footballs boots. Also, it was great to be directed towards a way to contribute to the relief efforts. Classy, classy way to start a review.

Kevin Brodie (Nike5 Gato Street review)
“I grabbed a ball (T90 Tracer), my camera and headed out to the back alley behind out apartment complex – I thought where better to test them out down a beat up alleyway. Unfortunately, there was no-one out there to join me…” I chose this because it is kind of humorous and because all of us, unfortunately, have this same experience. We love the game of football/soccer and even though playing by yourself is fun, it would be great to have some spontaneous informal games once in a while. This quote definitely exemplifies the issues with American soccer development.

Eric (RoyBite) (Adidas Jabulani Ball review)
“When I say the ball moves, I mean it dips, and weaves, and turns like no other! The Jabulani is going to be every goalkeeper’s nightmare, and every striker’s greatest Christmas gift.” I thought this was really funny because I thought in the WC players were just whining, and it was like any ball, but when I got the ball in August, my shots were bending like Beckham’s, and it has nothing to do with my skill.

Brianna Gasgonia (Nike Tiempo III review)
“If you are on the market for a no-nonsense cleat that will give you great support and performance at a decent price, these might be ideal for you.” I was in a Nike outlet store and saw that the Tiempo Legends III were on sale for about $40 and the only things I knew about the cleats were that the price was amazing and they looked extremely classy. I googled a review of cleats and yours was the first to come up. That line made me buy them. Though, for me the price was quite a bit better than decent!

Kevin (Pantofolo D’Oro review)
“One other negative, if you decide to wear white socks with these you will regret it afterward as the color in the leather bleeds (my socks are now a mix of red/yellow)” Perfect! A cleat that not only helps you score goals but will also give you a fashion makeover if your not careful! Oh those cheeky Italians!

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