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Pele Sports Trinity 3E

Pele Sports Trinity

If there was anyone questioning Pele Sports desire to become a top player in the soccer market check this release out  – the Trinity 3E. These boots are pretty extraordinary and completely go against the norms we expect as soccer players and there has been huge buzz about them since that unusual Press Release Pele Sports released a few months back! I just received a pair this morning and I am planning on getting them into testing today in order to find out what they are all about. In terms of retail, the Trinity will be available for around $200.

There is a lot of details to cover on these including the fact they weigh in at 5.6oz, but lets start with the basics:

Stud Configuration
Start with the stud configuration, which looks like something created by NASA. The concept here is that each individual stud has been configured through a revolutionary stud mapping technology, that together, produces a new type of traction. Greg Lever-O’Keefe, Head of Design for Pelé Sports sums it up stating that “Each stud has been carefully sculpted to increase ground penetration, reduce turf resistance and most importantly minimize injury risk.”

Pele Sports Soleplate

Pele Sports Soleplate

A Pretty Unique Upper
Pele Sports use a synthetic upper that has been specifically created for this boot called Symbioskin, which is a low density, tri-laminate material. According to Pele Sports, the upper is designed to offer two widths, ensuring the highest level of comfort for all types of players – I am not quite sure how this works, but I am interested to find out!

Things get even more technical here. In order to strip away unnecessary weight and structure, the  Pelé Sports team worked with top Formula One engineers who are familiar with making their cars more streamlined. It makes sense, right – who better to work with than the people who’s primary focus is creating the fastest, yet safest, racing car. The boots weigh in at 5.6 ounces – so yes, they are a speed boot! Despite extremely low weight characters, all Trinity 3E materials were chosen for maximum durability.

Impacting Muscle Memory
To get even more scientific, these boots have another purpose – improving muscle function. The stud configuration around the heel naturally increases muscle simulation as you get in and out of the ground quicker. Repetition trains fast foot speed and coordination. This is an area that really needs to be put to the test, as I am a little skeptical. But, since we haven’t seen a boot designed like this before, I am keeping an open mind.

In terms of retail, they are going to hit the market at $199.99 and are currently available to order. Stay tuned for more images and details later today, once I get to take them out – and a full review will follow in the coming weeks!

Pele Sports Trinity

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  1. These things looks crazy and are I am very interested in the full review when the time comes. WOW.

  2. Sleeek. Really looking forward to a review.

  3. Wow, these look like they came from space.

  4. Wow. looks awesome, I hope this boot is durable… then i would get this. and it looks like it has comfort and protection.

    Good job Pele

  5. Brilliant work from the underdogs!

  6. I'm really liking the look!! Can't wait for a review!

  7. Woah! I saw the website, and these shoes look very high tech. They look super awesome. Kinda expensive though for me because I'm a teenager. But seriously interested in your review, can you please make a video of them on youtube. Thanks (:

  8. Brian, these are FG studs right?

  9. Looks like its missing studs. Interesting to see if less studs at the heel will be a problem, it might feel like you are rolling your ankle inwards. Anyway, i wait for the review to see!

  10. Defiantly thinking these could shelf my leather adizeros

  11. 8 studs total. wow! cant wait for the vid tomorrow + the full review in a few weeks

  12. Very interesting boots, but I was tend of the loosing studs, did they didn’t make any discomfort trough some wide footed player? (Like me)

  13. I have loved the look of these since i stumbled upon them a few weeks back. The partial blackout is great because it doesnt attract too much attention, but it still looks classy. Depending on how traction works for you, i might have to start a saving jar for these.

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