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Pele Sports Trinity – The Reaction

New Pele Sports Trinity 3E

Yesterday, the Pele Sports Trinity 3E was released – and I had a pair delivered for review! With them in hand, I decided to try something a little different with the use of a video – capturing the reaction of fellow players to the new speed boots. As you will see in the video, a lot of my friends don’t visit my website there is mixed reaction on the make-up of the boot, but most of it is on the positive side. For each opinion, I simply handed guys the boots and asked “what do you think?”, there was no coaching and I told them to be brutally honest with their thoughts.

One aspect I didn’t mention in the end of the video is that of Sizing, but thankfully it was something I discussed with Richie Million. Basically, these boots fit a full size big. I am convinced that there is a mix up with how they were labelled and I am contacting Pele Sports to determine why the sizing seems off.

**SIZING UPDATE: I spoke with Pele Sports today who confirmed that the sample size was built using a size 9.5 soleplate, with the natural fit of the upper producing slightly more room than your average boot. The released version should fit more true to size.

As soon as I finish putting the Trinity 3E through testing, I will post the most comprehensive review you will find on any website. But for now, enjoy the amateur video and leave any pressing questions you have about the boots and want answered below!

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  1. these boots look sick they remind me of the under armour create
    the stud placement looks unique Id get them do they come in white?

  2. Great. so do you think they provide better grip/traction as pele sports claims???

  3. Hey, I practice at the same place on Wednesdays too!

  4. Like that guy said, the price might be a bit too steep. Then again a ton of boots are. I wish the retail prices of the top tier boots were like the tiempo/adipure area….

    Can't wait to see the review for these bad boys.

  5. Can't wait for the review! thanks for the vid

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