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Nike CTR360 Maestri III Released

Nike CTR360 Maestri III

Finally Nike CTR360 Maestri fans rejoice – you now have a new version of the boot to make your own. It has been a while since the December 2010 release of the CTR360 II and fans have been eagerly anticipating this new Maestri III release ahead of the upcoming 2012/13 season. In between both releases, the market has shifted in a new direction and as expected, Nike has followed suit with plenty of updates. To really understand what to expect from the new boots, we have compiled a bite-size summary that details what makes them an ideal option “for players looking to dictate the tempo of the game.”

For those of you that are looking to pick up a pair, they will check in with a retail price of $210 ($200 for Goal Club), which is pretty much on par compared to other recent Nike releases. They will officially be available to pre-order from tomorrow morning July 25th with availability on August 2nd. More details and up-close images of the boots below.

CTR360 Maestri III Forefoot

The Upper – Design and Kanga Lite
One thing that has stayed consistent is the two-tone upper design. On this version, Nike has selected a Black/Yellow that mimics the similar T90 Laser K colorway released last year and the GS released last month. The upper made using Nike’s tried and trusted Kanga-Lite, while they also feature a new All Conditions Control (ACC) technology. Obviously, I’m already to see what this ACC has to offer, with Nike stating it provides the same level of control in either dry or wet conditions. Again, you get off-centered lacing, ensuring you get a large zone for taking the ball down and striking shots with enhances touch sensitivity through the region.

CTR360 Maestri III Control

La Maestri e’ stata ideata per il massimo controllo del pallone e del gioco, con un design affilato e aggressivo. Elia Boggia – Milan

Control – What is Lining the Instep?
The instep features one of the more intriguing parts of this boot, with fins lined along the control region, designed to hug the arch and maximize contact with the ball. This is an area that Nike has really focused on perfecting and the revamped 3D control pad seems to be an important aspect of this boot. Since they are designed for the playmaker, ensuring control is completely optimized obviously plays a role in the success of the range.

Nike Maestri III Soleplate

Soleplate and Stud Configuration
Again Nike has changed things up with their sole of the boot, from initial images it looks like they have made some positive changes. The inclusion of round studs on the medial and blades on the lateral side of the soleplate seem to make perfect sense for midfielders who need to make sharp turns throughout the game.

Weight – Shaking Things Down
Lightweight seems to be the big thing and as you would expect, Nike has dropped the range down from 10.8oz. We have unconfirmed reports that the new range will weigh in at 9.2oz but nothing official to date – once we get full details from Nike we will update.

What is Maestri?
As reference and to solve some confusion, Maestri in Italian is simply the plural of Maestro, which means teacher and is also used to describe the director of the orchestra. Thus its use in the boots title to describe the player who controls or “orchestrates” the game.

Who will be Wearing them?
If you want to see them in action, keep an eye on the feet of Andres Iniesta, Jack Wilshere and several Brazilian players (including Ganzo) at this summers Olympic games who will be sporting the new range. Of course, we also have a pair en-route and will make sure to compile the most comprehensive review as soon as possible.

Make sure to give us your thoughts on the release below and let us know if you think Nike has improved the range with this release!

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  1. Hey Bryan, I play on the left wing. I was wondering if the CTR360 Maestri III is a good fit?

    • Depends on what type of boots you like to complement your playing style. Are you a fast aggressive winger who likes to wear extremely light shoes? Then the ctr range is probably not for you. However, if your a Santi Cazorla type winger that likes control, threading the needle passes and a comfortable boot then the ctr360 may be a good boot for you. A few words of advice, just go to a shop and try on different boots and pick whatever feels best on YOUR feet! Good Luck!

      • Thanks Carl! The shop in the town i live don't have so many different cleats, so i buy all of my cleats online. i am pretty fast, i run 100m in just 11:05sec *proud*. can you give some tips of boots i could buy? and thanks again!

        • well… you sound to be a pretty pacy winger. so you might find that speed boots suit your style:
          Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII: really great synthetic upper+traction
          adidas adiZero miCoach: (synthetic or leather) has miCoach stat tracking system
          Puma evoSpeed: soft leather, nice conical stud system
          Pele Sports Trinity 3E: (synthetic or leather) unique stud pattern

          There are some other options but these are usuallu the most popular. You can find reviews for each of the boots above in the Review section of this website. Good luck.

          • just ordered the adidas adizero micoach in White/Lime/Onix. 🙂 thx for your help guys. i used to play with the mercurial 8 but the shoes did hurt on the side off my foot, thats why i needed to change 🙂

  2. I heard the rings on the bottom of the studs are rubber for better control when using the sole.

    • kind of like the idea in the Nike Tiempo 10R. (I have a pair and they are awesome. Pure class + great touch) Cuz they have rubber on the stud tips for better underfoot control.

  3. FYI: Jack Wilshere will not be playing in the Olympics.

  4. I am not a big fan of this style. I own so many different pairs of cleats, my favorite being the CTR 360 Maestri IIs, I have to admit, I am not impressed by the way the IIIs look, at least I can pick up a couple of pairs of IIs on sale…

  5. These would be perfect for me, I’m a right/left fullback and an emergent right/left midfielder/wing and I depend heavily on touch. Making the pass getting it back and sending it to the box, exactly how I play. Sometimes I’m used as a striker as well and even then I use my touch to get past defenders. I’m not the fastest, but I am quick and can make plays and whatnot, perfect boots for me 🙂

  6. IS it as wide as CTR II?

  7. Hey, I would love it if some people gave me feedback! (I think I know a good looking boot when I see one) It would be nice to know if you all agree!

  8. The last boots I bought were the T90 Laser IV's(Yellow and Black). I had a very hard choice determining whether to chose the Laser IV's or the Maestri II's. I decided to preorder the Maestri III's to see the difference between the boots. And of course because yellow is my favorite color!

  9. would these be good for a cente mid. im a centre midfielder and im quite quick and i also have a okay shot but the boot i have are shit they are puma.

  10. hey Brian, im a center mid and occasionally play winger. Im very undecided whether to get these or the lz. I like to dribble and that's why im worried about the weight of the ctr. Ive worn the past two elite ctrs and loved them, so im hesitant about buying the lz. any chance of a side by side anytime soon? and what are your thoughts about each cleat?

  11. so you can buy it with no wait on august 2nd right?

  12. would these be good for a goalkeeper

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