Wednesday , February 21 2024

Asics Lethal Tigreor 5 and the “Urban Treadmill”

Asics Urban Treadmill

This right here is one of the most inventive pieces of footwear advertising I have seen in a while – from an unexpected company! Asics has continually pushed their HG10mm technology when talking about their boots, and it has gotten a little mundane. But by switching to a different strategy, and the “Urban Treadmill”, the boots already look a little more like soccer boots and not a science experiment.

The boot in play is the Asics Lethal Tirgreor 5, with the IT soleplate. I had an opportunity to test this particular boot out about a year ago with mixed results. For those that want to check it out, here is the Lethal Tigreor review.

Check out the full video below!

In terms of retail, they are listed for around $139.99 and currently has a selection of colorways available.

(Shout-out to TheOriginalWinger for the spot)

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  1. Hehehe. Asics makes some real good soccer boots.

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