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Fila Soundwave Review (Yes, We Said Fila!)

Fila Soundwave

I’m not going to lie….I am the last person that expected to be reviewing a pair of Fila boots on SoccerCleats101. They are not a boot commonly associated with soccer, in fact I don’t actually know of a professional soccer player that has ever worn the brand in a top game. With that being said, they are an economical sound company and I have had several people email with requests for information on what they are all about. In order to ensure we continue to run a very independent and comprehensive site, I decided to pick up a pair and see how they actually compare against the top boots on the market.

Where did I get this pair of Fila Soundwave boots? They are actually available in pretty much all sizes from, with 3 different colorways to choose from.

Fila Soundwave Logo

Fila Soundwave Upper

Breaking In
Now here is an area that really surprised me! The Sounwave is actually really easy and comfortable to wear straight away. I took these out for a training session and because they felt good, I kept them on throughout with no problems. There is a forefoot crease in the soleplate that allows for excellent flexibility, resulting in the boot moving effectively with your natural movements. There is a ton of padding throughout the upper that adds protection and makes them feel snug, but it also makes the boot slightly bulky – especially up around the ankle lining. The insole has been glued in the shoe, so I really don’t advise pulling them out unless you need to. I pulled one out for the sake of seeing what they had to offer, then I noticed they had a tendency to move when I wore them after. Underneath the insole, Fila use a sort of cardboard cutout that shapes from the heel to midfoot. It is probably there to add some extra support, or at least I hope that is why its there. Here is hoping that it is not Fila’s attempt to be cutting edge or ahead of the game, what an odd addition!

What do they have to Offer Players?
There is no obvious technology throughout the boot, instead Fila rely on plenty of cross stitching through the forefoot to add a little extra dimension. This provides some cushion for first control and extra padding when striking solid shots. Other than that, everything about the upper is pretty ordinary. In terms of the soleplate, it is very flexible and offers great feel from first wear, a definite positive. Something I did encounter was slight stud pressure through the forefoot. It wasn’t terrible but it was noticeable through wear. The issue is the insoles, which is not really that thick and its not designed to absorb impact. Finishing with a positive, the overlapping tongue might put some players off, primarily because it looks like it might be tough to keep in place. Thankfully, Fila use a very effective Velcro that really does keep the tongue sitting down. It never came up through wear and seems durable enough to be effective from first to last wear.

Fila Soundwave Stitching

Fila Soundwave Soleplate

Compared to Other Boots
It is tough to offer a comparison between these and other releases on the market. They have a similar look to some classic boots on the market like the Lotto Stadio Primato and the adiPure III ranges, but there is no comparison when it comes to performance. When it comes to the upper, you get a pretty similar feel on the ball to something like the Asics Lethal Stats. But again, there are not many boots that provide the same type of performance as the Soundwave.

How do they Fit?
They fit very much true to size with a decently wide forefoot. The upper does provide some stretch through wear, so players that need something wider can definitely consider them. The also have a nice comfortable medium fit through the midfoot. On other note, the ankle opening is extremely wide and sort of angles out as you get to the first laces. It is a slightly odd design, and you need to wrap the laces across the front and under to ensure it provides a snug fit around the ankle.

Notes on the Forza 11
Along with the Soundwave, I actually picked up a pair of Forza 11, which you can also find here on Amazon. Without dragging things out, I’ve decided to skip the Forza review. The Soundwave is a boot that ranks below the average boot on the market, and the Forza sits even lower. The upper is very stiff and the extended toe design looks like it went through the wrong mold when being pieced together. If you want more details on them, feel free to drop me an email and I can fill you in!

These boots are not designed to be a top level release. So, as such you have to consider what they have to offer at the lowest level. They are comfortable and easy to break-in. But other than that, there are not many positives. Enough said on this one!

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The Skinny Summary
Highlight: A comfortable, low cost options for players who don’t take the game seriously. Soleplate is extremely flexible and the upper provides sound durability.
Category: Economical. They can’t really fall into any other bracket!
Weight: They weigh in just above the 10oz mark.
Would I Buy Them: Nope. They don’t have a great deal of quality about them. In saying that, they are a perfect boot for a new player to the game who just wants a boot to wear while they have fun. Or alternatively, they are not a bad option as a back-up boot, especially since they are comfortable to wear straight out of the box.
Player Position: They are slightly heavy, so the only player I don’t recommend them for is pacey players who rely on acceleration. As stated above, they are a decent back-up boot, ideal for pretty much any position on the field.

Fila Soundwave Heel

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  1. 'Weared'?? I think it should be 'wore'….

    My Dutch is much better….

  2. Claudio Reyna wore Fila and I believe he had his own signature boot in the late 90's.

  3. I was just going to say that Claudio Reyna wore Fila and had his own boot (they looked like knock-off Copas) but Keane beat me to it.

    We must be the older guys here… I’m 29. Haha.

  4. do these remind anybody of Tiempo III's or II's?

  5. Hidetoshi Nakata wore Fila during his early time in Italy

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