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Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR – Personalized Edition #2


In the beginning (ie. the start of 2013) there was a player who received a personalized pair of boots, which were shared with few. His name was Cristiano Ronaldo and he scored goals. In the future (ie. this week) there is a player who receives a new personalized pair of boots, which will be worn by many. His name is Cristiano Ronaldo and yes, you guessed it, he scores goals!

Welcome in the all new White/Neon Orange/Neon Yellow colorway of the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX that CR7 will be sporting as part of the Summer ’13 CR7 Collection. I think we all knew a personalized version was right on the horizon, especially since Messi’s pair received so much attention over the past few weeks. In typical fashion, this is a bold colorway with a combination of colors and patterns that will have players taking a second and third look to work out what is going on.

In similar fashion to the recent CR Mercurial Vapor IX, this version features a soft Teijin microfiber upper as opposed to the dimple design we saw on the initial Vapor IX release (find out more on our Vapor IX review). So rather than getting that  golf ball styled surface, this upper has leather-like finish on the upper, preferred by the athlete.

What are your guys thoughts on the new look and is it something you would wear?

For those interested in picking up a pair, head to WeGotSoccer right now!

Second Nike Vapor IX CR

C7 Mercurial Vapor

CR7 Logo Vapor

So, what is going on? Well, Nike give this version a new look by layering different levels of color to the upper. Then they added a unique safari print to the signature swoosh. Without skipping a beat, I think we all know that the main talking point is going to be that funky looking swoosh and the pattern employed. This is not the first time we have seen a Safari print being used, in fact it seems to be a continuing favorite of CR7 releases. Even with the uneven color line placement, this latest release is not that outlandish until you add the print!

I’ve seen these boots several times over the past few months and my opinion of them has changed since. It has probably got a lot to do with familiarity and seeing them multiple times, but their visual appearance doesn’t appear as bad as it once did. When I saw them at first, the combo on the upper really threw me off but with time, I have softened to the design. No matter fans initial reaction to them, we all know that anything with CR7 printed on the side will sell – the proof is in some of his other personalized pairs!

Speaking of personalized pairs, this is the second pair we have seen Ronaldo sport in the Vapor IX range. The original pair had an extremely successful life due to their limited edition nature and they ended up selling extremely quickly. The benefit to this release is that they will be available in regular numbers and most players will be able to snag a pair before they sell out.

Again, these boots are available to order from WeGotSoccer as of 3/29/13.

CR7 Mercurial


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  1. I said Craig Bellamy's Warrior's are the best custom pair of boots ever… these are by far and away the worst, possibly tied for the worst with the "safari" orange and white Vapor VI. However, the navy blue strip appears to have some sort of texture ie sandpaper-ish finish. And it runs right through Ronaldo's sweet spot. Is it just the paint? or is it a performance related addition? Its up out of the way for dribbling, but right where he strikes his off center lace knuckleball. Extra grip maybe?

  2. Wow, really great pair of boots ! Except for the dots they added on the Nike logo, it makes it look more like a women's soccer cleat . 😐

  3. these boots are the most ugly things I have ever seen…. I wouldn't even want a free pair….


  5. Bryan do you think there is a reason this boot doesn't have the "dimpled" upper. Would you say that this upper is better for the boot-wearer?

    • Ronaldo's personal choice is the smooth version, thus it is used on these! It will vary by player and I think the dimple effect has more to do with visuals than performance. It does add a slightly different feel on the ball but realistically it has a lot more to do with advertising and "look at these boots" than anything else.

  6. love CR7… but these are the ugliest boots i have ever seen.

  7. Could you make a comparison article between heritage boots . Like nike tiempo, nike premier, adidas copa mundial and ect for example.

  8. I got a pair and the number 5 is in the heel. Does that mean I have the 5th pair made?

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