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3 Reasons Why the Nike Premier Will Hang with the Copa Mundial

Nike Premier Soccer Cleat

With all of the hype surrounding the release of the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom, another fascinating release from Nike has been pushed to the back burner. Try to guess the boot I am describing: this boot features a traditional Black/White colorway, has only conical studs, comes with a full kangaroo-leather upper, and can be bought for less than $100. I’m talking about the Nike Premier.

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Before this release from Nike, the most common guess to the above description would be the Adidas Copa Mundial. Now, for the first time in near memory, the iconic boot from Adidas has some real competition. Here are the top 3 reasons why I believe the Nike Premier will hang with the Copa Mundial.

1. Materials

Nike Premier Upper

It is no question that the kangaroo upper on the Copa Mundial is the reason for its consistent and prolonged success in an ever changing boot market. The Nike Premier features what Nike are calling a premium leather upper that will mold to the individual player as the boot is worn.  To follow the trend of classic soccer shoes Nike have opted to use a full conical stud pattern on the Premier, and have attached these studs to a much lighter and flexible sole-plate than that of the Copa Mundial.

2. Price

With a majority of the new high-end releases clocking in at around $200 MSRP, it is refreshing to see that the Nike Premier will retail at half of that. The Copa Mundial retails for $120 MSRP, and price will always be looked at as the ultimate way to group boots together. By releasing the Premier at an equivalent or even lower price than the Copa Mundial, Nike have made it clear this is a competition they are comfortable creating.

3. Design

New Nike Premier FG

It is crazy to think that the iconic black boot with a white Nike swoosh is now a unique design. The transition to flashy and bright colorways is long ago completed, and it can be hard to find a more subtle, traditional colorway in today’s boot world. That being said, I feel the void is obvious, and the demand still exists for a simple black and white design. The Nike Premier will both fill this void and thrive on the demand.

In terms of retail the cheapest price we found for a pair was on WeGotSoccer, where they are listed for $89.99. also has them, but they are listed at $99.99.

It is refreshing to see a release like this from Nike, and I’m sure people are curious about the level of success the boot will have. What do you think about this release from Nike? Let us know in the comments below.

About Colin Thompson

Colin is a blog writer for SoccerCleats101, and self proclaimed boot lover. Transplanted to Iceland from Texas, Colin has worn boots in some of the best and some of the worst conditions in the world. Follow him on Twitter for a look into the life of a soccer player in Iceland!

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  1. Christopher Bowman

    i think these boots ( Nike Premier) will sell extremely well on this this days market of boots if i had the money i'd buy them now its like a walking relic upon vast colorways today and thats what i'll say about these awesome shoes

    honestly Chris D. Bowman

  2. I think it was a clever move by Nike (although I wonder why they didn't do it before!). I would actually pick this boot over the Copa

  3. I'm buying a pair as soon as my Laser 3's finally call it a day.

  4. The only issue is that the boot is made of Goat leather; not Kangaroo (as noted on
    I'm not sure if it is just a typo on the site, but it really never mentions Kagaroo leather on any other retail site.
    I can't say which material is better. And why Nike would implement Goat leather, But that should be noted as a major difference (if true).

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