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What Do You Not Like About A Particular Boot?

Negative Boot

Has there ever been anything you haven’t liked about a particular boot? All to often, we are left talking about the things that we love about a new boot and all the great positives theyhave to offer.

Well, I’ve decided to dedicate a post specifically to the things that we DON’T LIKE about our boots. Whether it is simply a design aspect or something about the performance of the boot that you don’t like, we want to hear about it here.

See this as your free space to vent, to get something off your chest or simply tell it like it is. We want comments that others might just find useful when considering a new pair of boots or maybe we will start seeing trends with what everyone has to say. I’m going to highlight this post on the sidebar so that it becomes a timeless piece and one that players can continually use as a resource and add their opinions to.

So, go swallow a truth pill, and leave your comments and thoughts below!

Things I don’t like include:

  • The fact some companies don’t include a free boot bag with a new pair.
  • Laces – I hate short laces. Just give me a pair that wrap around my boots!
  • The shape of the X-Blades Wild Thing (seen here)
  • The 10mm heel gradient on some Asics boots (like the Lethal Stats)
  • Any soccer cleat with FlyWire – like the Nike Vapor Superfly (disaster)
  • This colorway.
  • The fact that certain companies don’t release a bunch of high-quality images when they are adding a new boot to the market! Figure it out, it only takes a few hours of work to really create attractive images that fans will enjoy seeing!!

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  1. Especially the boot bags! it costs the manufacturer almost nothing, and when i spend $200 on boots, i think i deserve a boot bag

  2. Totally agree with the boot bag thing…

    I wish nike would step up and "own" a defenders boot like adidas have with the nitrocharge.

    Another nike problem, the new Hypervenom is so similar to the mercurials… Why put all the time, energy and money into a new silo that is just a tweaked version of an existing silo- especially since the Hypervenom is replacing the t90's…

    All that being said, I haven't found a pair of adidas that fit my foot as well as any given pair of Nike's… And i love my ctr360's so with nike ill stay…

  3. I don't like the idea that Tiempos might go away. I love Tiempos! I've been using mystics as my practice cleats for almost 2 years and they are way too comfortable/durable to be taken over by the Premiers.

    • the tiemp isnt going away, its just moving away from k-leather and going to kanga-lite. Too many animal activist parading on nike and adidas doors.

  4. Being old school I guess I could just generalize and say "mostly everything" with modern day boots. I don't mind not getting a boot bag. That's a new fad, back in the day you had to buy a separate boot bag.

    I'll add a point about the laces. Either long enough to wrap around or short enough not to have a lot of excess.

    How about going away from leather and then charging huge prices for "synthetic". Again back in the day take down models did not have leather, they had this fake leather or synthetics and they cost around $20-$30. Now a days these same boots are the higher end models and cost $200. If someone can explain that to me I'd love to hear the reason.

    • I played back in the day as well and you are referring to mesh base sythetics, the boots that cost 20-30 dollars now are a symilair mesh based material. The sythetics now, lets take the vopar and an example, uses an ultra thin tejin sythetic that offers a thin soft feel, Kangalite or Kangalite 2.0 on the other hand are made of high quality maerials that are made to feel like leater but are more durible.

  5. -lack of boot bag is prob the biggest thing
    -i also found the F50s as the worst boot ever, stud pain… and generally just heavy … boot just felt wrong!

  6. short laces agreed – all boots should allow you to double knot in my opinion and even when done so ample lace length after that!

  7. I don't like the way all boot. Companies aren't making their boots with quality materials. They are just focused on boasting about having light boots.

  8. The boot bag for sure! For the price of new boots it should be a given. I don’t mind the short laces, but I wish companies would include a spare pair of laces or the option to buy the stock pair if they break.

  9. I would love a boot bag and an option of laces but I hate the fact that most boots have a narrow fit being I have wide feet I find it nearly impossible to find a good boot for them. I usally have to go a half size up and I have the excess space in the front of the boot

  10. – boot bag: seriously if you marketed smartly you would add one.

    – wide heels: just no.

    – un-balanced stud placement like the f50: seriously: in the forefoot the first 3 are 2 cm away from each other,and the next 4 are like 10 cm away from each other.

    – tacky wide laces that fray a lot: they are ANNOYING.

    – complicated boots:ex. with the LZ yes, most of the time you control near the control zone, but, if you control anywhere else, it will mess up your touch.

    – not listening to fans: adidas killed the adipure AND the predator, almost doing the OPPOSITE of what the fans want. Fans want K-leather, they make it 1/2 synthetic with calfskin. Fans want the old predator back: they make it more like an f50 or CTR360

  11. Hate the switch from premium leathers like the ones on timepos to somewhat stiff leathers on the HIGH end of silos. Examples are the somewhat stiff feeling f50 leathers out right now. Second. I ABSOLUTELY HATE that AG and HG boots are not of the same high quality materials as the higher ends. For example, why can't I have some nice uppers on some turf cleats. Instead I have to settle on nike's subpar 5 range. Lastly, I haven't ever seen long laces as a good thing for me. I WANT those damn boot bags.

  12. I don't like the studs on the V1.10's or 1.11's or the new SL's! They wear off in no time. Upper was great though, wish that was everywhere.

    I didn't like how my laser elites had studs crack (both pairs i had) and i didn't like How all the pairs of adizero's I've had split from the upper to the toebox (3 pairs)

    I also don't like how the adidas sprintframe cleats (adipower, adizero, etc) had studs that felt hollow and made it hard to feel the ball underfoot.

    I don't like cleats that don't have a backside high enough, and they feel like they are going to fall off.

    I don't like how 'other brands' don't get enough airtime, Like under armour. my hydrastrike pro 2's are fantastic, waiting for the carbon's to go on sale. And no word Brian on the leather version of the carbon's id like that review.

    I don't like how leather is going away. Environmentalists suck.

    /end rant

    • Fuck environmentalists; they dont get it. If you stop killing kangaroos, no good shit is going to happen. They won't help us more, or like us more, or be a good part of society; they are fucking animals. Besides, environmentalists dont get that synthetics are made in factories that operate by killing trees and letting out harmful fumes. So, basically the environmentalists say: let's not directly kill the pests of africa, but instead, kill their environment with factories, all the while fucking up football boots.

  13. Best Boot Bag came from the Nike Superfly collection it was not some 1.00$ worth backpack thing, Cleats did cost 400$

  14. Especially the short laces!!!!!!! All nike boots need longer laces.

  15. I wear Adidas LZ's and play almost exclusively on Field Turf. I hate how after 15-20 games, the material starts to come away from the sole just enough for the rubber bits to start collecting in there and force the gap even wider. This has happened on other boots too but I hate the turf shoes with the big rubber toe.

    Also, I'd like to see more boots with the AG stud configuration, but there seems to be less and less.

  16. Kangaroo Leather>>>>>>>>>Shiny plastic “ball gripping” crap. That is all.

  17. Great post. I dislike with all my heart Synthetic material. I am all about leather.

  18. I really hate that companies (Adidas and Nike) are designing cleats solely based on the performance and not the quality. I bought a pair of the Adidas adizero micoach II (yellow/black) in february and used them roughly 20 or so times only in my high school games, and sure enough come june (4 months later) they had completely separated from the right sole and the left sole had completely cracked in half. These were by far some of the best cleats I’ve ever owned don”t get me wrong, but a 4 month long lifespan is ridiculous. These companies are creating boots nowadays with the mindset of a pro player who is maybe going to wear the shoe 3-4 times? Nike at least lets you get your money back if they break within 2 years, which I think is an absolute great thing.

  19. -I dislike how on every boot I´ve had the soleplate begins to separate just as the boots are fully broken in. It happens either on the toe or right where the soleplate bends in the forefoot. I would like to see some measures to keep this from happening.
    -I also dislike any boot that lacks a smooth surface on the instep where a majority of contact with the ball is made. It is important to have consistent reliable material in that area.

  20. I hate new colorways every other day. Especially the signature player's boots. I buy my son CR7's and two weeks later CR is wearing different boots. I bought him a color way Neymar was wearing and two weeks later he changes boots. Screw you big company marketing!!!!

  21. I hate how I can't find a boot that has a heel cup that is stable, I am always having planting issues when I kick set pieces.

  22. The instep design of the CTR 360 IIIs…. they are rediculous….
    Every technology gimmick in the nitrocharge…

    and everyother modern boot, with the exception of the CTR360 II, which was the best boot my my playing career

  23. Manufacturers moving away from K leather… Kangaroos are are EPIC pest levels in Australia!! They are not endangered, or protected, quite the opposite is true, they are literally running wild and are openly exterminated BY THE GOVERNMENT all through Australia.

    So in who's mind exactly ADIDAS?! PUMA?! Is killing a baby cow for its leather LESS humane than an adult kangaroo? And it results in a cheaper quality product, with worse fit and worse touch and less durability.. so wtf? Just switch to synthetics all together if your that concerned with "animal rights" and saving money, or just keep using K leather and quit killing our Adipures and Kings you German yahoos!

    • not too sure about the cheaper product of calf leather. but yeah! definitely agree with manufacturers going all out synthetic and selling boots at such a high price with silly plastics. Traditional leather boots are always the best, am sticking with my lottos

  24. how do you not like those purple GT 2?

  25. Things I dislike about boots eh?

    – All turf boots are take down models

    – Most bladed studs on FG model boots

    – The graduated stud height (10mm Heel Gradient) on the X-Blades Legend Elite (more on this later)

    – The switch away from K-Leather

    – The hot spots that come along with models like the F50 and the Vapor

    – The absence of a boot bag is another which really really bothers me (I got a classy bag when I found a pair of Puma Mexico-Finales, but did not get one with my F50’s or Vapors)

    – My biggest gripe would be the absolute highway robbery prices the Big Three charge for a “Limited Edition” boot

  26. I dislike any high end model with a cheap synthetic.

  27. How easily the studs break on the Pele cleats.

  28. My complaint?

    -) Astonishing price for cheap materials
    -) All of those gimmicks
    -) Moveaway from leather
    -) Stupid marketing
    -) Ridiculous endorsement by released "signature" edition yet the player only wears for 3 matches


  29. – the gimmicky technology (LZ, flywire, ACC, etc) placed on a large number of the boots today which does little more than drive up the price.

    -Quality of materials (or lack thereof)

    -some of the modern colors are enough to burn my retina. simple colors ways please. The boots can be colorful (like recent tiempo releases but just not everything needs to be neon or fluorescent).

    -Lastly the relative lack of AG/Turf boots on the market. Nike’s AG plate is pretty decent (having tried it) I just don’t get why so few boots are released without an AG sole plate option

  30. 1. Stud pressure- I find that it's not due to inadequate cushioning from the insole, but
    more poor placement of the studs. Nothing is worse than feeling the excruciating pressure of a stud on the ball of the foot for 90 minutes

    2. Chunky studs- I don't like the studs on the adidas sprintframe or the studs on any of Puma's boots. Nike has it right with the smaller diameter of their studs, or in the case of the mercurial vapor, the thinner blades. It allows for much better penetration and release from the ground.

    3. The classic narrow forefoot design in all boots. I've adapted to this (my toes are pretty disfigured and scrunched together though) but I wish that boot companies could understand that it is possible to create a form fitting shoe that doesn't squeeze the toes together. I recently switched from the tiempo legend to the adizero, simply because the adizero allows my toes a little more freedom

    4. Separation of the soleplate from the upper- I used to never find this in Nike boots, thinking adidas was the main culprit (I have seen more adipures separate than any other shoe), but the last few years have proven that creating a boot that lasts is clearly not a priority for any company anymore. My maestri iii's began to separate after a week.

    5. The fact that you can't just purchase replacement insoles for boots that are otherwise in great condition. This ALWAYS happens to me. I take good care of my boots, but the insoles deteriorate so fast that I'm forced to get another pair of boots. And no, generic athletic insoles are not the answer, they don't work with the design of boots.

    6. Sprintframe studs coming off- Why? $200 and the studs fall off?? It's a joke

    • The insole complaint is sadly true.

      I have went through so many insoles and no where to find replacements… I would be willing to shell out $40 for some legit replacements from Nike/Adidas, but there is no where to buy them, WTF

  31. I HATE the crappy, flimsy insoles included with so many boots. Would it kill them to put in a little more padding and a little more effort? I shouldn't have to have to buy replacement insoles after a month of playing because they're so worn down! Add poron gel to them like nike and pele sports!

    • This is easily my biggest peeve about most boots. I love the feel of Under Armour's 4D foam insole, and that be the standard.

      Companies have become so obsessed with shedding weight that they are now offering "light weight" insoles. I'd gladly wear an extra 1/2 ounce (or more, even) they're trying to shave off with these "light weight" insoles for better comfort.

      • who needs padding or leather when you can have 6 Oz boots. Oh wait here is an idea… how about the player loses 1lb by running harder and dieting instead of shaving half ounces off of the boots. Good thing the technology in the nitrocharge will allow me to play for 90 min +, the energy rebound is exactly what I am missing from my game…

  32. Things I dislike:
    I love synthetics but boots like the Adipures and Kings need to be classic K-Leather shoes!
    All Adidas boots have the same Sprintframe sole plate with the triangular studs (Adipures are very similar).
    Lack of boot bags when buying Adidas or Puma shoes.
    Long laces-they rip and are just annoying.
    The movement towards lightweight shoes- I do think some shoes should give people the option of wearing really light boots but all boots don't need to be like that.

  33. The toe on many PUMA boots is much to pointy such on the v1.10s and v1.11s that I had, also on my Vapor VIII the upper separated so much from the soleplate it made playing with them very difficult

  34. The obsession with “light weight” boots is ridiculous. I would much rather have boots that are comfortable and protect my feet. Does anyone really believe that lighter boots will make them faster?

    Also, would like to see better quality indoor/futsal shoes. Most are made like complete garbage and are probably worth $10, not $60.

  35. No way, I think flywire was the best thing introduced to a soccer cleat. All the other stuff like carbon fiber bottom and the moving retractable stud was bullshit but the fly wire for forward when you're cutting really keeps your foot glued to the ground. with the new cleats now every time I cut my foot slides out of the side of the cleat. I'm so mad they did not keep the technology.

    • The thing about flywire is that it's great if your foot fit's Nike's mold, but it makes breaking in a real issue if your feet aren't perfectly shaped for the shoes. It's interesting that adidas are getting so much praise for their energysling, since it's almost like flywire overkill, albeit only on one section of the boot.

  36. Superflys bruised my toe so bad the nail fell off my big toe two years in a row.

    Excited for new Hypervenoms

  37. sad soccer player :(

    The neon colors. The top companies come out with some beautiful colored boots and then they throw in some neon green or pink. We don't want that!!!! Maybe we just want a blue boot or an all black boot. Maybe a pink boot. I have more than once found myself asking for girls cleats as they have much better color waves.

  38. Lack to top-quality boots for wide feet. My feet are a size 8.5 length and a size10-10.5 width, and having tried on about two dozen different pairs of boots, size 9 Tiempo Legend IVs are all that fit (and they take about 2 weeks to stretch to the right width).

    • Try Japanese boots mate, Asian feet are naturally wider so brands like Mizuno and Asics are a great option fir wide feet. I have wide feet and the best options in my opinion are:

      Mizuno Morelia
      Unbro Speciali
      Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro 2
      Puma King Top K

      All Kangaroo leather, very durable and comfortable. Especially for wide feet.

      • Thanks. I ordered a pair of Ignitus 2s from Pro Direct Soccer (I'm from Canada), but even they were too narrow. I also find that Asian shoes in general have really narrow heels, even more so than adidas' sprintframe. I may take a chance with the Morelias.

      • I also have insanely wide feet. My foot length is for size 8.5 but my width is for size 15! Currently wearing Predator X as they are the only thing that's wide enough for me. Umbro Speciali R is my indoor and fits well too. I wish companies would stick to leather.

  39. Great idea for a post. I think just about everything has been covered but the main thing to me is the light weight trend. Don't get me wrong, I have adizeros and I love them. But I don't believe a leather heritage boot should ever be under 9 oz. People going for that type of boot are not going to be put off by the extra ounce and it really does affect durability. I like heritage boots and I like speed boots but please don't create some bastardized hybrid. Its the worst of both worlds.

    Oh and the colors. Whatever happened to black or white? Sure add some pop of color for the accents but I want more black and white uppers.

  40. I don't like the stuud pater for the lowest model

  41. The flywire on Tiempo Legend Elite's are probably my favorite part about the cleats. I still go back to eBay to order them, I have three pairs.


  43. Weight, colours and durability. Nothing wrong with leather black boots. They do the job perfectly! CopA's, speciali's, Morelia's and real Kings.

  44. I hate everything that Adidas have done. I had the adiPure iv SL and they were some of the best boots I've ever had. But then came the 11pros. They looked good but did not perform. I hated the soleplate. It pained my heels. Also the boot gave me blisters. I have the original adiZero miCoach boots in leather. I like the leather on the toe area but the synthetic leather near the back of the shoe was terrible. I got cramps from the fake leather.

    Also, I had the Nike Vapor VIII Clash Collection and I loved them. But then sole separation occurred by the ball of my foot and they broke. They also had really short laces.

    And I need boot bags!!!!

  45. Black and Orange colorways are getting old, Halloween yuck!

    I was a huge fan of the CTR I and II's and was disappointed at how different the III's are. Keep the fit the same!

    Do a leather and synthetic release on more boots, like the F50.

    The lack of leather boots these days. Bring back predators in leather.

    More colors of laces.

    • I think the ctr III’s suck also they fit tight and i wear the same size an all cleats and the top took longer to break in!! The II’s are the best!!!!

  46. Nike making boots for folks with narrow feet.

    Adidas F50's have been perfect but a stud ripped off and with FG boots that's kind of bad. Thanks to adidas, they have requested I send them back to them for their review and hopefully replacement.

    Can we complain about artificial pitches here? Yes they look fantastic but I hate having to purchase a pair of AG boots and head home with my official match balls looking like charcoal.

  47. I hate how the new predators aren't real leather like the adipowers, power pulse etc. Hate a lot of the new color ways too.

  48. I have quite a hefty list of issues with the current boot market, but I will try to limit them to the products themselves and not the manufacturers and resalers:

    -Less K- Leather. I'm sorry that it's more expensive to manufacture boots that are predominantly Kangaroo leather. How companies get off using cheaper quality leather and selling for higher is a constant thorn in my side (I'm looking at you, Adidas. You've all but killed off the Adipure.)

    -Too Much Emphasis on Weight. Again, sorry to burst your bubble everyone. Messi and Ronaldo are fast because they do dynamic speed training as well as numerous other DAILY exercises that build and maintain their overall sprint speed and agility. Dropping 2 ounces isn't going to make you a single step faster, but tackles might be 2 times more painful. Marco Reus wears Powercats and he's still running at defenders at the speed of sound.. Weight means next to nothing.

    -Crazy Release Colorways. I'm of the opinion that flashy colorways and designs aren't necessarily a bad thing. Boots are about being comfortable and expressing yourself. You CAN have your cake and eat it too! But I'm sick of a new line of boots or a new model debuting and having to wait three or four months to get a white or black colorway. By all means continue making boots in every shade imaginable, but when you are releasing a new boot, please make an effort to cater to those players who aren't as attracted to the pinks, purples, and bright oranges.

    -Stop making SL Boots. Again, speed is a physical attribute fostered by repetitive exercise and muscular development. I feel really disappointed in the consumers of these products as you are sometimes paying up to 1.5 to 2 times more for a boot that is practically identical in appearance and function but weighs maybe one or two ounces less. It's one thing to take the same boot and use different types of material for the upper, but it's another thing altogether to sit there and claim that a boot is worth more simply because it weighs a little less. The technological improvements from regular models and SL models are absolutely marginal.

    -Custom Player Boots. This is ridiculously annoying. You're paying 100 dollars extra for what amounts to nothing more than a new paint job. Purchase your boots by doing some good research, figuring out what materials you like and what makes you comfortable, not by looking at popular players on the TV.

  49. My biggest dislike — soccer cleats that lack two studs on the boot plate's outside center edge. Inset studs there aid in preventing roll-over causing avulsion fractures. Didn't notice this difference between my last two pairs, but the second game out, I broke my foot and now I'm out eight weeks, plus reconditioning. If the posts were positioned 0.375" closer to the edge, I would still be playing. Being a scientist, I calculated the physics and reviewed with two respected doctors. We're in agreement here. Just an FYI…

    I also concur on the synthetic cost argument below.

    • Typo… "Inset studs there aid in preventing…" should be "No inset on studs there, aid in preventing…" Apologies for the confusion with my prose.

  50. Sizing – Boot companies vary in sizing way too much. You would think that standard measurements for the foot would be just that, "standard".

    Durability – Boot companies know they stand to make more money when players have to purchase new boots multiple times a season. I have boots in my closet that are still holding together without any issues (one of them being the original Asics Testimonials). The main thing that has been stated multiple times already is the sole plate separation. From what I remember, Nike was one of the first to stop riveting/stitching the sole plate to the upper, and since then, a lot of other brands are using this same practice to either cut back the weight, or cost. Every pair of boot that I have had that does not have any kind of reinforcement other than glue, fails.

    Price – I understand that the technology of today is expensive, and that is what is being used to develop the designs of the modern boot, but the prices are way too high for a product that is going to be destroyed in one season (most of the time they do not even last that long). I buy hiking/mountaineering boots for the prices that the bigger football brands are charging for their top silos, and they last me for years!!!

    Quality – I think that when Adidas produced a new predator every two years, they seemed to put more thought on the quality of the finished product. It also allowed players to get the feel for particular boots, and be confident in the way they would feel for the next few seasons before the major change happened. Puma did this as well with their v1.0 series boots as well.

    • Grammar correction:

      Puma did this with their v1.0 series boots as well.

      Sorry, I am kind of anal about that lol!

  51. The fact that cheaper versions of a boot are not clearly marked as being different from the top of the line.

    For example, Adidas F10 and F30 all say F50 on the boot. Why? Predator Absolion and Absolado just say Predator on the boot. You have to magically KNOW what to look for to differentiate.

  52. My position: Center back, some defensive mid

    In particular:
    – Current boots // Adidas F10 FG (~2011, pre-miCoach): The heel comes up a touch too high and rubs the back of my ankle.
    – Current boots // Nike Trequartista III AG (wide-fit from NikeID): Starting too stretch out a bit too much, so the laces area is getting close to touching now. Otherwise, maybe some of the best-fitting boots I've ever had.
    – Past boots // Predators (late 90s, early 00s): Bladed studs.
    – Past boots // Copa Mundial: Great boots, but why can't these ever go on sale? 🙂

    In general:
    – Want (need) more conical studs. I'm tired of the triangular and/or bladed studs. I never get the same traction nor grip on the ball.
    – Need more boots manufactured for wide feet, not just boots suitable for wide feet. Nike and Asics are the only ones I can find, really. What gives, Adidas?
    – Am I the only one who likes shorter laces? Well, just long enough to double knot.
    – I don't strike the ball all that often, but the off-center laces seem extraneous. Plus, they make my feet feel pinched and off-center. Not good.
    – Do light-weight boots make that much a difference?
    – Glue AND STITCH (or rivet or something) the soleplates to the upper! See the Copas or Lotto Stadio Primatos.

  53. – Gimmicks. I mean really, your foot contacts the ball in less than the blink of an eye. Rubber panels and more cushioned uppers won't help shooting, passing, or long balls. Practice will. Lightweight I can understand, as speed is hindered by weight. Strap 10 pounds legs weights on, then go do some timed sprints, the take the leg weights off and do the same. The time difference will be noticeable. You'll be faster when you are lighter.

    – Wide heels. Really? I was a secure fit around that area, so I can be confident when I'm striking, or changing directions. I miss the days of the Mercurial Vapor 3, and 4 which kept your heel locked down in the boot. There is a reason why the Vapor 3s are considered to be the best Vapor of all time. I don't want to be sliding around from side to side in the boot. Especially in the heel.

    – Leather vs Synthetic argument. You prefer what you prefer. I prefer a synthetic because it doesn't stretch, changing the shape of the boot, I hate having to buy Copas after only a year of use because the heel is too wide, the forefoot is too wide, and the laces can't get the boot tight enough around my foot. Also, it absorbs water like a sponge. Then there is the care for the leather its self. Does it make me a worse player because I don't prefer leather? No. My skills do the talking, not my boots.

    -Pricing. A couple of years back, the F50 adizero came out. Then a football version, the 6star, came out a year later. Price point for the F50, $200. Price point for the 6star, $100. Half the cost. But for what? There was no difference between the two. The upper was the same, and so was the insole. The outsole on the 6star even came with more materials than the F50! Still have yet to get a proper explanation for this.

    -Durability. I've seen too many $200+ boots fall apart after 3 months of use. Why? If I pay $200 I expect it to last at least a year. At least.

    -Turf. Personally, I don't see the need to make knock downs of top level boots simply for turf. Make a proper, top end boot that can do both firm ground and turf, and be durable.

  54. I totally agree about the boot bag and the laces.

    I wish they had one type of sole plate that can successfully be used on many different surfaces, without changing the studs. And don't give me the "firm ground cleats are most versatile" bullcrap. My mercurial cleats were firmground and I played on turf a few times and the studs are practically gone.

  55. one thing in general i don't like is the colorways companies release i shouldnt have to wait for a company to release a mainly black color of one particular shoe *vapor 9*

  56. What adidas is doing with their lines bugs me soo much, every shoe has the sprint frame and every shoe now focuses more on weight

  57. It sucks to know after buying a Pwr-C One [the Cesc Fabregas Limited edition] Puma decides to phase the silo out and change to EvoPower… :-/

    I also find the 3d pst parts stiffer than i expected.

    It took me a couple of months until the upper got soft enough to run comfortably.

    Yes I feel you guys too. No boot bag on this PwrCat, just an ORDINARY SHOE BOX.

    Despite all of these, I do love them. Now that they're comfortable on my feet [except the 3d PST]…

    But I'll be buying a Morelia next time. That would be a better choice.

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