Friday , August 7 2020

Top 10 Boots That Shouldn’t Have Been Released

UA Create

Under Armour Create

Design looks a little too machine like, and they are a heavy “speed” boot.

For any brand, trying to break into the market is a tough thing to do. Current day, we now know they have what it takes and they are one of the top 10 soccer boot companies. But there was one release that really threatened everything – the UA Create. The comfort and performance of the boot was actually pretty decent, but the visual design left many wondering what UA were playing at. They used a plastic support design around the upper that created an extremely odd look. This had a lot to do with protection and strengthening the upper. On top of that, the boot was labelled as a speed boot, designed to offer player acceleration, yet they weighed in at 9.9oz – not exactly in the lightweight category.

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  1. I had never heard of several of these, and that is probably for the best.

  2. Funny how there are no adidas boots 😛

  3. I also have a pair of eescord and i really like them a cheap speed boot that gives me a natural feel to the ball and especially when kicking the ball the only negative i can say about the boot is like any speed boot is that they dont last and are starting to lift a bit in the toe but for the price $30 for me was a bargain.

  4. Honestly I see the superflys getting a lot of hate, and maybe its just because i have a smaller foot, but my CR7 Superfly III are my favorite boots. After 2 years the soleplate finally cracked a bit and I am wary about wearing them but I found them absolutely fantastic. My roommate that is also on my college team also has Superfly III and loves them as well

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