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Top 10 Boots That Shouldn’t Have Been Released

Eescord Chivas

Eescord Camila Bofo Chivas

Winner of worst design and nothing going on in the way of performance.

I could have picked several Eescord releases, but I just had to go with this personalized version that was created for Adolfo “Bofo” Bautista when he played at C.D. Guadalajara in 2004. Now, I understand the fact that they went with a Chivas inspired design, but overall the boot just looks plain awful. Added to that, they have a very stiff feeling upper that takes away from a natural feel on the ball.

[Also: Eescord Camila Bofo Chivas Profiled]

There really isn’t a whole lot going on with these. You get a synthetic upper with layered stitching, on a pretty basic soleplate and a conical stud configuration. Some might appreciate these but I’m not really on that list, although I must confess that I actually own a pair!

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  1. I had never heard of several of these, and that is probably for the best.

  2. Funny how there are no adidas boots 😛

  3. I also have a pair of eescord and i really like them a cheap speed boot that gives me a natural feel to the ball and especially when kicking the ball the only negative i can say about the boot is like any speed boot is that they dont last and are starting to lift a bit in the toe but for the price $30 for me was a bargain.

  4. Honestly I see the superflys getting a lot of hate, and maybe its just because i have a smaller foot, but my CR7 Superfly III are my favorite boots. After 2 years the soleplate finally cracked a bit and I am wary about wearing them but I found them absolutely fantastic. My roommate that is also on my college team also has Superfly III and loves them as well

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