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Breaking Down the Diadora 2014 Collection

Diadora Autumn 2013

This past Fall, the folks at Diadora decided the time was right to drop a whole new line-up of boots on the market. The updated series features some revamped classics, such as the Evoluzione and the Maracana, while it also features an extremely new type of bizarre technology in the form of the Cambio PU. As well as that, we are treated to a pair of Speed boots in the 6.4oz DD-NA.

When we hear the name Diadora, most of us will associate it words like “comfort”, “value” and “durability”. The question is have they been able to continue that trend with the updates they have added to the current line-up.

We have had a chance to review each of the new boots, check them out here before we give you our final recap on each down below.

  1. DD-NA Review
  2. Maracana L Review
  3. Evoluzione 2 K Review
  4. Italica K Pro Review
  5. Cambio PU Review


Diadora DD-NA Featured

Definitely the best boot out of the current selection. Diadora make a bold move by moving into the Speed category, something they have avoided in the past. Comfort is the key to the brands success and moving into the lightweight category can cause so many issues. At 6.4oz, there is a definite level of effectiveness to what has been produced and released to market. I’m a very big fan of these boots and they will deliver for players that decide to invest in a pair. Retail for $130.

Where to find your pair of Diadora DD-NA.

Maracana L

Diadora Maracana L featured

Rather than messing with a tried and trusted formula, Diadora looked at the positives of the Maracana and modified in several areas. Rather than a K-Leather upper you instead get a full-grain calf leather upper. And on the soleplate, they have switched from a bladed configuration to a conical. The latter is the most important switch and brings the range back to a more traditional, heritage release. Retail for $95.

Where to find your pair of Diadora Maracana L.

Evoluzione 2 K

Diadora DD-Evoluzione 2

There is definitely some improvement on this version over the original, with the textured forefoot adding that little extra grip as you get on the ball. It seems like Diadora punched out the pattern and the added definition is a positive. Otherwise, they perform very much the same as the original version did. Retail for $140.

Where to find your pair of Diadora Evoluzione 2 K.

Italica K Pro

Diadora Italica K Pro MG 14 Review

Visually, these boots are a real winner when it comes to fans who like the old-school look with some added contrasting stitching. The leather, which is a Kangaroo skin, really feels as soft and supple as it looks. There is that coating the covers it and adds more of a slick feel. Through testing, it seemed to play a role in a pretty average touch with not much grip. Other than that, they perform well. Retail for $109.

Where to find your pair of Diadora Italica K Pro.

Cambio PU

Diadora Cambio Featured

Unfortunately for Diadora, this boot is a definite “AVOID”. After testing we found out that this boot was modeled off a failed release from another Asian brand that went to market a few years back. Comfort is the primary issue and these boots really don’t provide any sort of positive reaction. Because of their plastic nature and the thin soleplate, they are extremely unstable and most players will find they are unreliable. The only Diadora boot I have ever seen that I’d recommend as “worth avoiding”! Retail for $75.

Where to find your pair of Diadora Cambio PU.

If any of you have had the opportunity to test any of the latest Diadora releases, leave your feedback below so we can check it out and share it with others that might be contemplating picking up a pair.

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  1. To be honest I have grown so fond of Diadora. I had two pairs around the age of 13/14 and I loved them. Then I jumped on the bandwagon and tried some other more popular brands. I have found myself at the age of 18 stalking up on Diadoras for my college career. Plain and simple they make great, comfy, and reliable boots that I know I rely on.

  2. Got the Evoluzione 2 K-Pro, excellent shoes

  3. One thing that's never hit home with me for Diadoras has been the heel/ankle areas. They always seem a bit too low cut for my liking. Otherwise, they are fantastic boots.

    Also, I'm glad they did away with the loop lace holes they had on the first Maracana and DD Eleven.

    • I am glad about that too, but I have to say that I really like the loop lace holes on the DD-Eleven. I have a pair right now and they are great boots. One thing Diadora does 99.9% of the time is produce a very quality boot. Now the Cambio on the other hand……

  4. I'd love to see them come back with the 90s era Brazil with the multiple colors and floppy fold over tongue.
    One of my all time favorite boots

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