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“Rabona” in an NFL Game – Check This Out!

During an onside kick on Sunday, Dolphins kicker Caleb Sturgis decided to attempt a Rabona in an effort to fake out the Denver receiving line. It might not have worked, but that form is pretty impecable – he almost looks like Eric Lamela as he wraps his foot around the ball and swings it back across the field.

Caleb actually has soccer in his bones, so it is no surprise that he caught it so cleanly. His big brother is Nathan Sturgis, who just finished his season with Chivas USA. They grew up together playing on soccer teams, but Caleb took the opportunity to head the NFL route as a kicker.

The most impressive part for us is his boot choice – with a combo pair of Nike Tiempo Legend. On his left he was wearing the original release from the Tiempo Legend IV series, while on his right he had the reliable clash version in the same range. It is a very sophisticated choice considering the fact that he could easily choose any boot currently on the market.

Caleb Sturgis Rabona

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  1. I was watching that game before the 49ers game and saw the kick and it was cool to hear the announcers talk about the kick in amazement. I always wondered why he and many other kickers wear different pair of shoes. I know one to have a good footing and one for better kicks but you can have that with the same pair.

    Also checkout Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns, he was wearing the superflys in orange and black. They looked good with the uniform

  2. I was watching that game and saw that Rabona. Would have been better if it actually worked. Did not think a NFL kicker would attempt that. Haha

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