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Umbro Velocita – Where to Get Them, What To Expect

Umbro Velocita Pro

Released in February this year, we have been awaiting more details on the availability of the Umbro Velocita on the US market. Sadly, widespread availability hasn’t arrived. But there is one place you can pick up a pair at a steal of a deal (more on that below.) But first, I wanted to talk about performance and recap some of what you can expect should you decide to pick up a pair for yourself.

Thankfully, I’ve had the opportunity to experience them thanks to the pair that arrived in the Velocita Presentation Case.

There are a lot of positives about this fascinating and very defined speed boot. They weigh in at 5.8oz and are one of the lightest boots currently on the market, the lightest ever released by the double diamond. To make it work, Umbro has used several pieces of unique technology. It results it a surprisingly durable boot. First, there is an A-frame cradle through the midfoot that provides additional support, while holding the body of the boot together. Then there is a double layer of protection toward the front of the boot, right along the join with the soleplate. Its role is to keep the boot help firmly together without any separation, while adding additional protection to reduce the amount of wear and tear. Whether it is intended or not, it proves pivotal on FG and AG surfaces, ensuring their is dual purpose for the boot.

Velocita Boot Design

Velocita Review

Umbro Velocita Soleplate

When we talk AG, there is also the benefit of a very multi functional soleplate. This is something I greatly appreciated and found performed at an ultra high level. A mix of diamond and conical studs sit in a low profile manner and provides excellent traction on artificial surfaces. The unusually angled soleplate is a little on the rigid side starting out, but the numerous contours placed on the surface ensures it becomes flexible through wear. And there is the bonus of a very easy boot to break-in.

Size wise, they are a very accommodating boot, definitely true to size length with a medium/wide girth through the forefoot. The real benefit is the upper material. It is a very thin, dimpled synthetic material with plenty of stretch. It is the type of material that you can see stretch as you push your toes against it. I normally wear a size 9US and wore these in that size, the result was a comfortable fit right through wear.

Umbro Velocita Upper

Umbro Velocita Upper and Durability

My only concerns lies in the protection provided by the very thin upper. I’d definitely rate the Velocita as a very proficient competitor to the likes of the Nike Vapor and former Adidas adiZero, and the latter is no longer there is even more room for this silo to provide players with a quality alternative. But, the material across the forefoot is definitely thinner and leaves you more susceptible to picking up knocks through hefty challenges. I’ve felt the brunt of some studs while wearing them, and it doesn’t feel good!

Umbro Velocita Heel

If You Want A Pair….

In summary, I was so impressed with the Velocita that I took the opportunity of snagging a pair from Dick’s Sporting Goods, the only spot where they are currently available stateside.

Originally listed for $220, there are pairs available for $70, plus at the moment Dick’s is offering an additional 40% off that price. That is a final price of $42 with free shipping included. In other words, it is an absolute steal of a price and the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a top rated boot that is not readily available.

If you make the most of the deal and pick up a pair, make sure to let us know in the comments! Plus, we’d love to hear your feedback on performance.

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  1. what happened to boots and bantz? Anyways, why did you buy the boot from Dicks, price apart, when you already have them given for free to you by Umbro?

  2. The one's on sale at Dick's are the Premier model not the Pro's. I haven't been able to fing any info on the premiers. I believe they are a takedown model. So what is the major differences between the two.

  3. Yes Bryan thank you. When i read the original review i knew these boots were for me but not being able to find them made me put off buying a new pair of boots period.

    But now I've gotten a top of the line boot for $41 THANK YOU. I cannot wait till I receive them. Thank you for this post.

  4. I just received my pair of Umbro Velocita's today and I am very pleased to add them to my collection for such a phenomenal price. Thank you for posting such great deals and please continue to.

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