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Joma Propulsion Lite - Feature Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Joma Propulsion Lite – Feature Review

Joma Propulsion Lite FG

For some players out there, the idea of wearing something unexpected and not commonly seen on pitches is the way to go. Having a boot without a swoosh or three stripe that provides solid performance in a completely different package. For those of you in need of a speed fix, one boot that is definitely worth checking out is the Joma Propulsion Lite.

Weighing in at 7.2oz, this is a streamlined top-tier boot that comes in under $100. Visually it catches the eye, and the bonus of a free boot bag adds an extra layer of intrigue. Still, you need to know exactly what you are getting before investing in a pair, and there are several very important areas that need to be addressed before you call them your own. Here is a quick breakdown with our take on what they have on offer.

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The Design

Right now, there are two colorways available in the series. Both feature a single color overlay palette with key detailing. The large J that represents Joma branding sits proudly right up top across the forefoot. Some might find it obtrusive, but it seems to blend into the larger explosion style graphic that runs from the midfoot to heel. Using a gold on black, as is the case with the featured colorway, creates an appealing look. The black being more traditional, while the gold accent adds a more distinguished effect.

Joma Propulsion Lite FG

Joma Propulsion Lite Upper


Joma use a lightweight synthetic upper on the Propulsion that features a inner cage system to keep the boot fully structured. It is not the type of faux-leather feeling synthetic we see so many brands use on current releases. Instead, it has a slightly thicker and less pliable feel to it. The material is still thin, so in theory it doesn’t reduce the amount of feel you get on the ball. In fact, the entire package proves to be plenty durable, probably more so than other speed boots currently available. The only negative is related to the fit, which I cover more below.

Are they ideal for striking shots? Not necessarily considering there isn’t a whole lot between your foot and the ball, so you definitely feel the full impact while shooting. But, most speed boots fall in line with that statement. What is a little different here is the actual feel to the material, it is pretty slick with no grip or control elements to help you add some control on the ball. In wet conditions, this proves a little more problematic as you loose additional control on the ball.

Underfoot, Joma keep things pretty simple and it flat out works. The plate itself is a polymer material that has plenty of flex from first wear. They easily bend underneath the toe box. A mix of conical and oval style studs line the sole, providing solid traction on both FG and AG surfaces. Using conical studs reduces the amount of drag and allows for quick release when you need to accelerate away into space. It is one of the key features of the boot that Joma has nailed perfectly, where you get top-tier performance in an economically priced boot.

How do they Fit?

If you are in need of a narrow fitting boot, the Propulsion as about a good an option as you will find on the market. The forefoot arrows in tight toward the toes, meaning you are getting a compact fit width wise right out of the box. In terms of length, there is a little extra space up top but not enough to recommend going up a size.

For those of us with a wider fit, they are not going to be an ideal option. In saying that, Joma takes the lacing pretty low on the boot so you can loosen them up to be more accommodating. One of the key features to the synthetic material Joma use on this boot is how rigid it is, with little to no stretch through wear. So, the size you get when you slip them on and loosen up the laces is pretty much what you will get through wear.

If you do pick up a pair, the first thing to do is loosen the laces all the way to the bottom rung; take advantage of every inch of lace. Slip your feet in, and work to tighten them to the required fit. That is going to provide you with the best experience.

Joma Propulsion Soleplate

Joma Propulsion Stud Configuration

Retail Details

One of the best things about these is the fact that they are priced at $100 right now, perfect to be able to take a chance without having to break the bank. This is a boot that somewhat mimics the former adiZero f50 series, but the materials used are not quite up to par. That makes sense, with Joma taking some shortcuts in order to create a quality boot that players can access financially. If you were to ask me if I’d buy a pair, I’d provide you with a mixed reaction. If they were designed to compliment my foot shape and size, I’d definitely look to pick up a pair.

You can currently find the Joma Propulsion available at

If you have any questions, comments or personal opinions on the Joma Propulsion series, feel free to leave them in the comments below and we can get a discussion started. 

Propulsion Lite FG

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