Tuesday , April 23 2024


The Boot Report – New Season, New Cleats!

The Boot Report - Weekly

Welcome to an all new segment on SoccerCleats101 called “The Boot Report”. Going forward, this is the spot you will want to read when wondering what boots players are currently wearing or what is going on in the world of boots in general. It is a mix of whats being …

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The Glove Life – What Gloves am I Wearing?

Perez Save

So, now that I am signed on with this well-oiled machine that is SoccerCleats101, it probably is of the utmost importance that I let you all know what gloves I wear! When I began playing soccer again, I did not know that it would turn into a sort of profession, …

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What Cleats Would They Wear? Comic Book Edition

Superhero Boots

The concept for this article came about when I got strep a few weeks back. The fever coupled with heavy duty medication kinda put my head through a trip. During this time many random thoughts came to my mind. One of them was “What cleats would superheroes wear if they …

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Goalkeepers – We Now Have A Section Just For You!

Perez Save

Note from Bryan: One of my goals with SoccerCleats101 has always been to provide you guys with top quality and unbiased information on soccer products. Unfortunately, I am not a goalkeeper – so trying to feed you guys with info on gloves and the right boots to wear would be …

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Senda Apex XLS NFHS Match Ball Review

Senda Apex Ball

If you’ve gone through the high school soccer circuit has had experience with some pretty low quality soccer balls. The issue is that during game play the ball can’t be switched up with a better ball because like any other league they are assigned a specific match ball. I’ve gone …

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Shock Doctor Knee Brace Quartet Review

Shock Doctor Knee Braces

We all know knee injuries can take their toll. If you haven’t experienced one personally you probably know several people who have. The knee is a pretty important and sturdy structure but there are many things that can go wrong with it. Just check out the article I wrote about …

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Kits and Jerseys: 2013-14 Bundesliga

After an all German final in last years Champion’s league, we are all forced to take a real look at the Bundesliga in 2013. The Bundesliga boasts the largest fan bases in the world and two of the best teams in the world, one of which just happens to be …

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Top 5 Boots for Wide Fitting Players

Classic Wide Fitting Boots

My interest and possibly mild obsession with football boots came from the research and many articles I read about finding the best boots for wide feet. This brought me to reading and learning about the many technologies, styles and a variety of many brands. I am unfortunate to have both …

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Kits and Jerseys: Breaking Down the 2013/14 EPL

With constant sponsorship changes and increasingly interesting releases, keeping track of what kit your club is wearing  can always be difficult. Here at SoccerCleats101, we would like to provide you with an overview of what you can expect to see on the pitch this season. This is the first installment …

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KT or Kinesiology Tape – Whats it all About?

Bale with KT

I think that at this point we’ve all seen at least one professional athlete with unusual looking black tape on an arm, leg, shoulder or even on their ribs. This tape is called Kinesiology Tape or a lot of people will refer to it simply as KT. A lot of professional athletes, and many …

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