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Monday , June 24 2024

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Puma KING Ultimate FG – Complete Boot Review

Puma King Ultimate FG Review

The Puma KING has long been celebrated for its legendary touch and feel, thanks to the supple kangaroo leather upper. However, Puma has taken a bold step forward by introducing the 2023 version of the KING, now featuring their new K-BETTER technology. Departing from kangaroo leather, K-BETTER has been scientifically …

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Revolutionizing the Game: PUMA’s ULTRA Breakthrough Edition

PUMA is pushing the boundaries of speed and innovation with the unveiling of their latest speed boot, the ULTRA Ultimate Breakthrough edition. This new model is a significant upgrade from its predecessors, featuring a completely redesigned lightweight ULTRAWEAVE upper that’s been enhanced with PUMA’s PWRTAPE technology. This technology is inspired …

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Mizuno Alpha Japan FG Review – Speed and Innovation

Mizuno Alpha Japan FG Boot Review

As a fan of Mizuno boot releases, I’ve always been impressed by the quality the Japanese brand bring to the table. The Mizuno Alpha Japan FG is no exception, and it offers another unique addition to their lineup. What caught my attention about these was their incredibly lightweight design, making …

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adidas Launches X CRAZYFAST – A New Era of Speed

adidas has once again raised the bar in the world of soccer cleats with the introduction of the X Crazyfast, a boot that embodies the essence of speed and innovation. This latest release comes in three distinct models – the ‘P+‘, and the ‘P1’ in both laced and laceless versions. …

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From Trash to Trendy: The Story of Puma’s Ultra 1.4 First Mile

Puma ULTRA 1.4 First Mile Release

Several months ago, Puma introduced a groundbreaking addition to their soccer cleat lineup – the Ultra 1.4 “First Mile.” We missed the release phase, but still wanted to break down what they are all about. This boot, designed with an emphasis on “first touch acceleration,” is a testament to Puma’s …

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Senda Release Ushuaia Academy Futsal + Turf Shoes

Senda Futsal Shoes

Since its beginning, Senda Athletics has demonstrated an understanding of soccer that goes far beyond the field. The company has not merely sought to create products that enhance performance, but also to foster a community and culture that resonates with the heart of the game. It is this dual mission …

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Research Identifies Need for Customized Soccer Cleats for Female Players

Female Soccer Footwear

In a significant development for female footballers, a recent study conducted by the European Club Association (ECA) has shed light on the discomfort experienced by 82 percent of women players across Europe while wearing traditional football boots. These findings have prompted the need for revolutionizing female football boots to address …

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Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Soccer Cleats Worth Checking Out!

adidas Copa Icon released

If you are anything like me, you are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest releases from your favorite brands. However, amidst the constant flood of new models, some remarkable soccer cleats often slip by unnoticed, or become available sometime after selling out. Well, good news – I’ve …

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Nike Tiempo Legend 10 – Introducing FlyTouch Plus

Last week, the soccer community was abuzz with excitement as Nike unveiled its latest masterpiece, the Nike Tiempo Legend 10. This extraordinary addition to the Tiempo family not only carries the rich heritage of its predecessors but also propels the entire line into a new realm of innovation with the …

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