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Just Arrived - Asics Lethal Tigreoer and Stats - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Just Arrived – Asics Lethal Tigreoer and Stats

Asics Lethal

Since the announcement that they were going to enter the US market, there has been a high level of intrigue into how the Asics line of soccer cleats actually performs. Well, we now have two pairs ready to go into testing; the Lethal Stats and Lethal Tigreoer. Needless to say, I am pretty eager to get them into testing and will begin with the Lethal Stats this weekend (Black/White/Pacific colorway).

Out of the box, there a few things to note about each releases. First off, I am impressed with their overall shape, particularly through the midfoot. Asics provide a fit that has been designed to cater for players with wide feet. Inside the boot, you will find a full tongue wrap that I personally approve of as it provides an extremely snug fit. And finally, the 10mm raised heel offers an unusual experience that will probably take a few sessions to adapt to. A few of you that have tested Asics boots mentioned the raised heel in particular, so it is an area I am eager to find out more about first-hand!

If you want to check out the Asics range currently available, there is a full line-up at

Asics Lethal Tigreoer

Asics Lethal Stats

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  1. really wondering if the heel technology is that big of a difference!

  2. we will eagerly await the results!

  3. I think you will like these boots. They are a great boot to run in for 90+ minutes. They are great for sprinting. There are extra studs on these boots that give you better 'balance' on the grass.

    I had an older model a couple of years ago and they became a favourite. I don't think the Kanagaroo leather is very good on these though…

    • Oh and in Australia they are recommended by the Physio association and come with tags on the cleats promoting reasons why. The raised heel makes them like a running shoe. You will hardly notice it after a few minutes or running but it feels weird going back to flat shoes later.

  4. I’m really debating on getting these depending on your review I love the style looks simple yet elegant .. And plus it would be nice to have something no one else rocks!!!

  5. I am really excited for a review on these! They seem quite awesome.

  6. the fit makes these look like once you lace them up they'll have like the perfect fit.

  7. I find it curious that while the running world moves toward a zero heel-toe drop after more heavily padded heels a soccer boot is going to a raised heel.

    I don’t know if it has impact in lateral moves or ball control but seems like a poor move in terms of running form.

    • I think though, that the zero drop movement is to prevent you from running on your heels, and the Asics cleats are similar in that they're designed to force you to run on the balls of your feet as well. If the heels were padded, they might encourage you to run on your heels, but that's not the impression I get about the Asics technology at all.

  8. Actually the lethal stats is the black and gold one. You might want to edit that.

  9. Seems like a perfect keeper boot. The raised heel puts the keeper off his heals and on his toes where he should be. It also looks like it has wicked studs and that you could really smack the ball in distribution.

    If you can think like a keeper in your evaluations, Bryan, that would be great!

  10. WHen is the review of the UA hydrastikes comings?

  11. I owned a pair of Asic boots back in 1999 or so– the pair I had were SG and were pretty nice but the leather on them was very, very stiff. I wasn’t too keen on them and went back to my Total 90’s (a boot that I’ve worn since the first model came out in ’99).

    Here is an eBay auction I found that has the boots I had (the colorway was different, though– mine were blue with a red tongue).

  12. These are hugely popular in Australia. The Tigreor 4s will be my boots for next year.

  13. Where's the review? Eager to see it!

  14. How do i find these? I live in the UK

  15. Hi , I want to buy a pair of either asics DS light 6 or DS LIGHT X FLY MS cleats for my 11 y/o son who has Severs disease ( heel pain). I
    Am interested in asics because I believe they have a raised heel which is beneficial for this type of issue . I can't find any info online, and asics customer service didn't have an answer either . I was wondering if you had any info on the heel to toe drop on either of these cleats. Thanks in advance

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