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Mi Adidas vs Nike ID – Which to choose

Nike vs Adidas Custom

Nike ID LogoThe best soccer players in the world are the ones who get to have their own personalized soccer cleats. It has to be the pinnacle of a players career when a footwear company approaches you and says Mi Adidas LogoHey, we want to design a soccer cleat that is specific for your foot! I think most people reading this will agree that that would be a pretty phenomenal moment.

Up until recently, we really didn’t have a choice when it came to colors and designs as we had to stick with what was on the market. That was, of course, until Nike and Adidas picked up on the idea that they could actually allow all players the opportunity to design their own unique pair of soccer boots. It does come at a price, with an added fee for the personalization, but it means you do have the option to create an absolutely unique boot for yourself. I have received several emails recently requesting information on which system is better. So to help you out, here is a breakdown of both the Mi Adidas and Nike ID websites.

Mi Adidas – www.miadidas.com

Mi Adidas

Adidas have set up a very easy and intuitive system for you to create your own cleats. The layout is extremely easy to follow, and all you need to do is select the area you want to work with on the left, and then work on personalizing the boots your way.
Choosing Size – You start off by choosing the specifics of each boot including whether it is for a male/female foot, what size you want them in and what width. I love the size option, as it allows you to choose two different size cleats, very important if you feet are a half size different.
Selecting colors
- Depending on the shoe style you decide to work with, Adidas supply ample different colors to go with. While making the changes, make sure to use the view buttons, located along the bottom of the image, to see how your changes look from different angles.
– There are two pieces of personalization you can add to the boot. First, you can laser etch writing along the side of the boot. This can be 6 characters in length, and you have the option to select from several different colors. You can also select a logo for the heel area, although the only options available are international flags.

You can choose 2 different shoe sizes.
Great selection of colors to choose from for each line.

Only logo’s available are flags.
Only high end boots to chose from, no cheaper option.

Cleats to choose from:

  • F50 adiZero for $250 (list price $220) 7 base colors to choose from.
  • adiPure III for $190 (list price $143) 5 base colors to choose from, and you get to select the color of the stitching.
  • Predator X for $270 (list price $242) 10 base colors to choose from, and you get to select the color of the stitching.

Nike IDwww.nikeid.nike.com

Nike ID

Nike give you a few different options to start off with, allowing you to mold a design into a masterpiece. I found the layout to be a little complicated at times, but with a little graft I found out the right strategy for creating designs in an efficient way.
Choosing size – Nike give you the option to choose who the boots are designed for, Male or Female, size and width. But unlike Adidas, they don’t allow you to choose different sizes for each boot.
Selecting Color – On the right hand side, you will see a progress bar. Clicking on this bar will open a drop down menu that allows you to choose different colors for different areas of the boot. There are many different colors to allow you to create a very unique design. At the bottom of the image there is a button that reads “More Views”, use this along with the other image angle buttons to the see the boot and the changes you make from 360 degrees.
Personalize – You can choose to add some text, 8 characters long, at the heel area of boot boots. You can then also choose a designated number to go above one of the cleats, while on the other one you get to choose a Graphic. Nike have a huge selection of graphics to choose from, giving you great options to create one off boot.

Great options that allow you to truly personalize a one off pair.
Great selection of boots to choose from at very close to list prices, including the Miracles.
Design tool can be a little tricky.
Not a great deal of base colors to choose from.

Cleats to choose from:

  • Miracles $160 (list price $139) 3 base colors to choose from.
  • Vapor VI $275 (list price $264) 4 base colors to choose from.
  • T90 Laser III $235 (list price $220) 6 base colors to choose from.
  • CTR360 Maestri $220 (list price $198) 6 base colors to choose from.
  • Tiempo Legend III $170 (list price $165) 4 base colors to choose from.

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